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Key Programming | The AutoProPAD Makes A Transponder Key for A Honda CR-V!

Key Programming | The AutoProPAD Makes A Transponder Key for A Honda CR-V!

Key Programming is dealing with different make and model of vehicle. And today I've arrived in a 2007 Honda CR-V. I will program an additional key using the AutoProPAD, so I've already duplicated the remote head key, one of the Ilco lookalikes. Here's a link to the same key I used. I've also gone to AutoProPAD's website and verified that the AutoProPAD could program this vehicle without issue. Let's go ahead, hop in, and get to the programming.

Start by connecting the AutoProPAD to the OBD2 port and go to the AutoProPAD App.

 Using the AutoProPad key programmer

Look for Honda Acura or Acura Honda, then hit agree.

manufacturer select on AutoProPad key programmer

At this point, we're going to go to a mobilizer and then manual.

how to use the AutoProPad key programmer

After that, there will be two options. On their website, from 2006-2011, the system is a Type 2, so that's what we're going to choose.

making a transponder key using the AutoProPad key programmer

Follow it up by hitting Add a key. Switch the ignition on and press YES to continue. If it fails, please try again by inserting the key that's already registered and hit OK. We'll click Add key and press Yes again.

 adding a key using AutoProPad key programmer

Switch the ignition off, then switch the ignition on. Switch ignition off. Within 15 seconds, put the new key in and turn the ignition. Once done, switch the ignition off, back on, back off, and back on.

Check if the security indicator light is off; if so, hit Yes. Switch ignition off, back on, and Program Success will appear. Unplug the AutoProPAD and try the newly programmed key as well as the remote.

 Making a transponder key for a Honda CR-V

That's how you program a 2007 Honda CR-V with the AutoProPAD. I can't stress to you the importance of making sure that you're going to the website and look up the Make, Model, and Year to know what type it is and all that extra information. It would be best if you do that to get very familiar with the website. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time.

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