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Key Programming | SMOOTH & SUCCESSFUL JOB W/ The AutoProPAD G2 Turbo - 2017 Dodge Ram

Get back out to programming and try programming a 2017 Dodge Ram using the AutoProPad G2 Turbo. Since Ilco recently came out with these look-alike replacement Fobik keys, I want to put it to the test, and this is what it looks like compared to the OEM style. It's a little different, but the exciting part was Ilco came out with many remotes aftermarket look-alike for these, and then they discontinued them for a reason. I don't know the story behind it, and then about a year later, they come out with these instead. I have not programmed one of these yet, so I'm anxious to see how it does, and at the same time, it'll be fun to put the G2 turbo up on this ram here. So let's get to work.

Get started by plugging the AutoProPad G2 Turbo into the OBD2 port. Since we are doing this Bluetooth, there are no cords attached to it.

plugging the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo into the OBD2 port

We are now set to go into Immobilizer and hit agree to the disclaimer.

 AutoProPAD G2 Turbo immobilizer

Then we're going to go to Chrysler USA. Essentially, all Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep is under Chrysler for the most part. Next will be Dodge, then Ram, and 2013 - 2019 since this is 2017.

 select manufacturer on AutoProPAD G2 Turbo

On the following screen menu, select Read PIN code. In this case, the security code is 2002.

 AutoProPAD G2 Turbo

Once we have the code, proceed to Add a key and then Fobik. 'Turn hazard lights on and switch ignition to off position.' Notification will appear, follow the instruction, and hit Yes.

 how to use AutoProPAD G2 Turbo

A new instruction will appear saying, 'Please place the new Fobik into the ignition. The ignition switch must be in the lock or off.' So, we'll do it before hitting Okay.

It will be followed by the PIN code, which the AutoProPad Turbo will automatically enter.

 AutoProPAD G2 Turbo

And 'Success' will pop up.

 AutoProPAD G2 Turbo

Time to unplug the OBD 2 cable, put on the brake, and start it up using the newly programmed key. Ensure that the buttons are properly working and there is no security light on or anything before trying the original key.

 replacement fobik key

The AutoProPad Turbo did a fantastic job programming the Ilco look-alike replacement Fobik key. It's simple, and also, I love the new look-alike remote from Ilco. I'd love to know what you think and what star rating the AutoProPad deserves on this vehicle. Let me know in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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