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Key Programming BATTLE | Smart PRO vs. AutoProPAD On A 2019 Ford F250!

The SmartPRO and the AutoProPAD have a key programming match for the 2019 Ford F250. The key that came with it is a flip-key, but we'll replace it with the JMA TP39FO-24P2 replacement transponder key. I've already gone ahead and cut both of their keys. Let's get this party started.

AUTOPROPAD Transponder Programmer

Get the AutoProPAD connected to the OBD 2 port, and begin the programming.

 Get the AutoProPAD connected to the OBD 2 port

Go to US Ford. Agree and wait for the app to load. After that, go to By Vehicle. Be sure to search the AutoProPAD website to see if it's possible. I've checked the website, and it says it can do the Blade style at the time; it's unverified, or it can't do the prox yet, but this is just the Blade style only has Key Blade.

 Using the AutoProPAD


Next is to go Immobilizer and look for F250, 2017 to 2020 since it is 2019.

 AutoProPAD Key Programmer

Click add key. Insert a new key to be programmed and switch the ignition to the ON position. Once done, click Yes. A reminder will pop up afterward; if done with that step, hit OK.

 Add a Key with the AutoProPAD

Wait for it to load before switching the ignition to 'off' and then back to 'on,' then click OK. When you hear the lock loop as you wait, it is a positive sign. Successful programming will accompany it. After that, check the newly programmed key and double-check it with the original key.


I'm impressed with how simple and easy the AutoProPAD programmed the 2019 Ford F250. So I'm interested to see how the SmartPRO will perform

SMARTPRO Key Programmer

Plugged in the SmartPRO to the OBD 2 port and get to the programming process. Be sure to visit the MyKey's Pro app for the SmartPRO first, and look at everything before you get to the vehicle.

 SmartPRO Key Programmer

Once you've checked the details, go to Vehicle Selection. Click Ford, scroll down, and look for F250 super duty. Since it is Blade, we'll choose Blade 2015 - 2019.

 Select vehicle on SmartPRO

Hit Connect. Check to see if you have an active subscription; if not, pick your best promo to keep the programming going. Turn the key to the 'on' place after inserting it.

 SmartPRO - Connect to Immobiliser

Continue by adding keys and pressing the play button in the bottom left corner. Read the directions and double-check that all is in order before clicking Yes. Wait patiently as it performs a security bypass that could take several minutes.

 add keys SmartPRO

When you hear beeping, it means security access has been given, accompanied by the number of keys programmed to the car. Select OK after turning the ignition off. Then, with the key to be programmed, which is the one you inserted in the ignition, please turn it on and click OK. A message that the key was programmed successfully will appear as soon as you hear the lock loop. Always check the newly programmed keys.


I think the SmartPRO took a little longer to bypass security. I think it was kind of interesting how different the two machines seem to bypass the vehicle.


The good news is both the SmartPRO and the AutoProPAD got the job done without very much trouble at all. I mean, they worked precisely the way they were supposed to. Now when it comes to the star rating, I'm going to have to give the AutoProPAD five stars and the SmartPRO four stars, and the only reason is although they both did the job. Still, the only reason I'm doing it differently is the undefined did take longer to bypass the security before the programming started. So that's what I think. I'd love to know what you think. Thank you, and we'll see you next time. 

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