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Key Programming BATTLE | Smart PRO vs. AutoProPAD On A 2017 Toyota Camry!

Get the right machine for a particular vehicle! It is a key programming battle between the AutoProPAD and the Smart PRO, and see which one works better for the 2017 Toyota Camry. We're going to be adding keys today, and the transponder key we're going to be using is the TOY44H.


Connect the AutoProPAD to the OBD 2 port, and we're ready to get programming. It’s essential to make sure you go to AutoProPAD's website and look up the information like I always tell you.

AutoProPAD Connecting to the OBD 2 port

Look for US Toyota and hit agree to the disclaimer.

Select your vehicle on the AutoProPAD

After that, select Immobilizer.

Select immobiliser on AutoProPAD

Based on the App’s information, it tells us it's a type 4 for this one, and make sure you're looking at that before you get to the job, so you're prepared. We're going to go right here to the H, which is the H chip. So that makes sense to type 4, so click on that. 2015 on this is 2017, so that information matches as well, and it says it failed to connect. So let me go ahead and put a key in and turn it to the position here. Turn that down.


AutoProPAD Key Programmer

I went ahead, and we're going to add a key. It says, ‘A master key is needed to erase and add keys to identifying a master key.’ Since we have the original key, we can proceed.

AutoProPAD key programmer

We're going to hit yes. ‘Insert the programmed master key and switch ignition to the on position.’ so you need to take the key you inserted before, get the master key, put it in, turn it to the opposition, and click Yes. ‘Insert the key you wish to program and do not switch to the on position.’ so we have to make sure we're paying attention. We're going to take this master key out, stick our new key in, do not turn it on, and we'll hit yes. ‘Wait for the security light to turn off, and the programming is complete.’ will pop up, so observe the security light and wait patiently. When it stops flashing, we'll click OK.

Try the new key and the master key. Pay attention to the security light because we don't want to see anything coming on.

How to use the AutoProPAD

Smart PRO

Start by connecting the Smart PRO to the OBD 2 port.

Smart Pro key programmer - connect OBD 2 port

We're going to Vehicle Selection. Scroll down to Toyota, and then we'll go to Camry 2017. Select 2014 to 2017 with Blade option.

 Select vehicle on Smart Pro key programmer

We go over to an Immobilizer. When you get to the vehicle or before you get to the car, you always want to be looking on that My Key's Pro app for all the information to be prepared. Now, hit the connect button. Switch ignition on.

Smart Pro key programmer - connect to immobiliser

Tap program keys USA. And then hit the play button. This function is used to add keys; only at least one current master key is required. Now, we still have that OEM key, so we're good. Hit OK. It says to ‘Remove the current key, insert the working master key, and switch to on.’ so get the master and put it in, turn it on, check the little time-lapse cause it is always nice to have there. We'll click OK. Switch the ignition off, remove the key within 20 seconds, and the security indicator light should be on. Take the new key, put it in within 10 seconds and keep it on the off position. Observe the security indicator if it's flashing, and wait until it stops. The security indicator should now be off; that’s an excellent sign to click OK. And the procedure is complete.

How to use the Smart Pro key programmer

Try the new key and the master key. Pay attention to the security light because we don't want to see anything coming on.

Alright, so there you have it, both the AutoProPAD and the Smart PRO got the job done. Now, as far as the AutoProPAD goes, it worked. It got the job done. The prompts, you know, left me guessing a little bit. However, if I were to do another one of these tomorrow, I would come to understand what's going on. So the important part, though, is that it got it done without any trouble. With that being said, I'm going to give the AutoProPAD 4/5 stars on this one. The only reason I'm not giving it a five is just that the prompts weren't as straightforward as they could have been. Now, as far as the Smart PRO goes, it has all the little extra prompts in there. The user interface is excellent. It's probably the best feature of the Smart PRO, and since it gave us all those additional steps and got it done, I'm going to provide the Smart PRO 5/5 stars, so at the end of the day, both of them got the job done. Both are good machines, the Smart PRO won this one, but the AutoProPAD did a great job.

Have you used those two? Which do you think is better? I'd like to know in the comments below!

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