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Key Programming | 2019 Chevy Colorado Transponder & Keyless Entry w/Smart PRO!

How well will the SmartPro do in key programming a 2019 Chevy Colorado? Please take note that this vehicle uses a B119 transponder key along with a separate keyless entry remote, so I've already gone ahead. I've duplicated this key on our Futura Auto. I've also grabbed an Ilco aftermarket replacement key, so I have the SmartPro here, and let's go ahead get this additional transponder key and keyless entry program.

Connect the SmartPro to the OBD 2 port, and we're ready to get to the programming.

SmartPro Key Progammer to OBD2 Port

Look for Chevrolet, then Colorado, and choose 2019.


Make sure to check MYKEYS Pro App to get all the information that you need to know for this vehicle. As you scroll down, you can see additional information, tips and tricks, and so forth.

Important note: This vehicle requires two keys to run. So, if it doesn't have two keys programmed to it, we need to make sure that we're reprogramming all of them back in.

SmartPro Key Progammer

We will proceed by hitting the Connect button. Insert a new key, then switch the ignition 'On' and hit OK.

Using the MyKeys app with the SmartPro Key Programmer

Select Add Keys to see if it will allow us to add the key, then hit play.


It doesn't, so we need to go down to Read Pin and hit the little play button on the bottom left. There is no need to write that pin code because the SmartPro is going to keep it. In this case, the code is 2486, then press OK to proceed.

add keys with the SmartPro Key Programmer

Now we're going to go to Add keys again and hit play. All doors must be closed during the procedure, click OK if it is, then wait for 10 minutes.

SmartPro Key Programmer

After the 10-minute wait, wait for a while until there is an instruction displayed on the screen. Switch Ignition Off, then hit OK; Open and close driver's door and hit OK; Switch Ignition On, hit OK.

'Do you want to program more keys' will pop up; click Yes if you need to program more keys. In this case, I am going to hit No, because we already had the one programmed, so it already had two existing ones. But if it only had one existing, we would have to grab the next key and do the same thing. Hit OK to continue. And that is how you program the transponder key for this 2019 Chevy Colorado.


Time to program the keyless entry. Get back into Vehicle Selection. Go to the same Chevrolet model and version.

key programming guide using the SmartPro

This time, go to Remotes and hit connect.

how to use the SmartPro Key Programmer

Switch Ignition On and click OK. Proceed to Program Remotes and hit play.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

A warning saying 'All remotes will be erased' will appear. But since I have the other remote, I'll program them both back in, so we'll hit Yes.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

Press unlock and lock on each remote for 8 seconds, then wait for the beep before clicking OK. Do the same to the other key.

 SmartPro Key Programmer transponder key programming

Once the procedure complete, try and see if both keys are working.

Alright, and that's how you program a 2019 Chevy Colorado both the transponder key and the keyless entry remote with the SmartPro. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time. 

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