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Key Programming | 2018 Nissan Frontier W/ Smart PRO Step-by-Step!

Update your locksmithing skills, not just your SmartPRO, by key programming the 2018 Nissan Frontier, and add three keys to it. Go and duplicate the keys on the NI04T transponder key. Since we are ready, grab the Smart PRO and look forward to watching and see the BCM calculation. We are both curious about how it works, so let's get to work. 



Connect the Smart PRO to the OBD2 cable, and we're ready to get programming.

Connect the Smart PRO to the OBD2 cable

Tap Vehicle Selection. Look for Nissan, then Frontier, and since this is a NI040T key, click 2008 – 2019 Blade.

Select vehicle on the SmartPro

Proceed and hit Connect under Immobilizer. Before or during the job, check the My Keys Pro app and get to know more about the vehicle. I know I am kind of a broken record about it, but you want to know what's going on before you get to the car.

Using a SmartPro Key Programmer

Alright, I didn't realize, but my UTP ran out of subscription. No subscription was available. However, I happen to get a 24-hour pass on here. About a year ago, I didn't know, so we're going to use that today to key programming. Make sure you're putting your UTP in the calendar and get it updated on time. Let's use the 24-hour pass.

Key Programming with the Smart Pro

Switch the ignition off, then OK. Switch the hazard on, then OK.


Since this is a lost key type of situation, we're going to program some new keys. Start by clicking Program keys and hit the play button on the bottom right. A notice will appear, so pay attention to it except for the RKE part since we don't have RKE. I don't believe there's even one available for this model, so we're not going to use it. Click OK once you've read the notice. A follow-up notice saying, 'All keys will be deleted' click Yes. Switch ignition on by inserting the N104T and turn it, then click OK once done. Read and confirm the following notice by clicking OK. 'Do you want to use the OLD Pincode?' will appear. Choose Yes. EMS Security Access will load. Wait for a while. Once declined, click OK. 'Do you want to use the NEW Pincode?' will appear, hit Yes. Switch the Ignition off. Turn the ignition ON with Key #1, then check the security lights as it flashes five times, then click OK.

 Program keys for a Nissan Frontier

'Do you want to program more keys?' will appear, choose Yes. Switch the ignition off and pull the previously programmed key, then click OK. Insert the next key, switch the ignition ON, and then check the security lights if it will flash five times. If it does, click OK. If you need to program more keys, click Yes and repeat this process. If not, click No. Switch the Ignition off. Cycle keys twice to end the session, then click OK. Switch ignition on with Key #1; if it starts, click OK.

 Smart Pro key programmer

Alright, and there you have it! We were able to get it with the Smart PRO. We have multiple working keys in a key lost situation.

For each programming done, you should test out the keys. You can try to start your ignition and controls with the new programmed key to ensure it works.

I'm going to give the Smart PRO four out of five stars, and that's because at the beginning, I mean, you know, as I'm doing this, you may be watching, and maybe I hit the wrong button or did something, but got a little confusing there at first when you use the old PIN code, new PIN code. There are two different options and that second time through the Smart PRO took us through there, and the truth is, years ago, the machines couldn't read that BCM code. So the fact that the Smart PRO did all of that heavy lifting for us got us the old security code or PIN code for the BCM and the new one, it got them both and put it through there, and we said we hit a couple of buttons was good. And so, I thought that part was significant, and we have multiple working keys, which is the essential part of the process, but all in all, I'm happy with how it worked. I'd love to know your thoughts!

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