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Key Programming 2018 Ford Focus Add & Erase Keys W SmartPRO!

Key Programming  2018 Ford Focus Add & Erase Keys W SmartPRO!

Enhance your skills as a locksmith by key programming a 2018 Ford Focus using the SmartPRO. We have an existing key right, remote headed key; however, there are multiple keys programmed to this vehicle. We are going to erase all of the existing keys and add one back in. Then we're going to add a basic H94 key as well. Here’s how to do it like a LockBoss!

Start by connecting the SmartPRO to the OBD2 cable, and we're ready to get programming.

 connecting the SmartPRO to the OBD2 cable

We're going to go into Vehicle Selection, choose Ford, then Focus, and select 2018 Blade if it has a Blade. The typical style of a key means a Blade.

Vehicle selection on the Smartpro key programmer

Immobiliser, Connect will be seen; click on it. Insert the key, then hit OK under the notification ‘Switch Ignition On.’

 Connect to immobiliser on Smartpro key programmer

This time if you’re going to add keys, hit the Add keys button and take that route. However, in this situation, we're going to erase the keys and reprogram them back. Start by choosing Erase keys, and hit the play button. It says, ‘You will need to have two keys available for programming to be successful. Do you want to continue?’ Select Yes if you have two keys. The one in the ignition is counted, and the one with you.

 erase keys on the Smartpro key programmer

A quick security bypass will after with 3 minutes duration. Once the keys are cleared, click OK. ‘Cycle Keys To Program. Press OK when finished.’ will appear, so cycle the keys. As you cycle each key, the key icon to the screen will add up the keys you cycled in. After hitting OK, it will say that it failed. To see if it does, try starting it using both keys.

I didn’t do something right at the end of the cycle, or perhaps I didn't remove the key. That's why it showed us that it failed, but as long as you saw that little icon popping up saying that they were working, that they were getting programmed, it will work.

 Smartpro key programmer

Alright, that's how you can erase existing keys and then add them back to the ones you want. It's a perfect feature for those people who buy a new vehicle, it came with one or two keys, but they're a little worried about it, and you look, and there's like four keys programmed, right? So using a method like this will take all the keys out, and then the keys present or any keys that the customer wants to add, you can program them in together at that time, and your customer can feel secure that no one else has keys out there.

 Ford key removal with the Smartpro key programmer

The SmartPRO did an excellent job. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars on this one. It is because it did exactly what it was supposed to do, and I'm not rewatching this video, so I don't know if I maybe made a little mistake on how I cycle them at the end. So that's why I'm not giving it five stars, but it could be on me so that it could be a five star, but anyway, that's how it works. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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