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Key Programming | 2015 Nissan Titan Transponder Key W SmartPRO!

Unlock another skill by key programming a 2015 Nissan Titan by adding an additional key or going on all keys lost. Start with cutting an extra transponder key, the NI04T Transponder Key Blank.

Cutting a transponder key blank

When you have everything prepared, connect the  SmartPRO Key Programmer to the OBD 2 cable, and begin the programming.

 Connect the SmartPRO to the OBD2 cable

Start at Vehicle Selection. Go to Nissan and then to Titan. Since this is a 2015 and it uses the NI04 transponder key means that it's going to be Blade. If you see 2008 to 2015 Blade option, click on that.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

A quick reminder, even though you have the SmartPRO make sure to check the MYKEYS Pro app. Look for information and know everything about the vehicle.

 MyKEYS Pro App

Now, we go to the immobilizer. Hit the connect button and wait to get connected. Switch ignition off. Switch the hazards on and click OK.

 Connect to immobiliser the SmartPRO

Although we're adding a key, we need to make sure to have all keys present. Keys that we want to be programmed. Meaning, although we are adding one key, we need to reprogram the OEM key or the key that it came with, as well. It is because any other key that's not present is no longer going to work.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

This vehicle has a remote and a remote button feature which is really convenient instead of manually doing it. Set it aside and go to Program keys, and hit the bottom left play button. Like other Nissan's, it's gonna give us the same warning which says, ‘Do not depress the brake pedal. Ensure all the doors are closed. A maximum of 4 keys are allowed to be programmed.’ What you need to do is insert key 1 into the ignition. I use the existing key, put it into the ignition and hit OK. ‘All keys are going to be deleted’ will appear, this is that moment where you made sure that you understand the situation so you don't find yourself in an unpleasant one.

Since you are prepared for this, switch ignition on and hit OK. Ignition should be on with key number 1. This is important, we're gonna have to come back to this at the very end. So we'll hit OK.

 Programming Keys Locksmith

Codes will appear with a question asking, ‘Do you want to use the old PIN code?’ The reason it's asking is because there's an old one and a new one, simply choose No.

Note: If you choose Yes, it will be declined.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

Codes will appear with a question asking, ‘Do you want to use the NEW Pincode?’ Choose Yes,. switch ignition off and hit OK. Instruction saying, ‘Switch ignition on with number 1 key and security light on the dash is gonna flash 5 times,’ so turn it on. If it flashed five times, hit OK.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

‘Do we want to program more keys?’ will pop up, and since we want to program another one, we’ll choose Yes. Switch ignition off and hit OK. Insert the next key and switch the ignition on and the security light should flash five times.

 Locksmith key programming using the SmartPRO

You can add more if you want by following the same procedure. But since we just have two, I’ll click No, switch ignition off, and hit OK. Cycle the keys twice. Switch ignition on with number one 1, the original key that was reprogrammed, put it in and see if it starts. It will  start without a problem. Take the new key in and try it too. If it starts, we're good to go.

Alright, and there you have it. The SmartPRO came through and we added an additional key on this 2015 Titan. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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