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Key Overload? Here's How a Padlock Can Help!

Locksmiths and security enthusiasts alike, how often do we find ourselves struggling with key overload? With every additional key, our pockets grow heavier. But what if there was a way to minimize the clutter without compromising on security? Well, there's good news! A padlock might just be the solution you need.

Why Consider a Padlock with an Existing Key?

  • Less Key Clutter: The main idea behind using a padlock is to minimize the number of keys you need to carry around. Instead of adding an extra key to your already cluttered keychain, why not use one you already have?

  • Cost vs. Convenience: While there are cheaper padlock options available in the market, the convenience of not adding an extra key is invaluable. It’s more about convenience than price.

  • Personalization: Being in the lock and key business allows us to understand and appreciate the ability to personalize solutions for ourselves and our customers.

How to Set Up a Padlock with Your Existing Key:

  1. Select the Right Padlock: Choose a padlock that allows you to use a key and knob cylinder. In this instance, the 9AR key and knob padlock was used.

  2. Choose a Compatible Cylinder: Opt for a cylinder that can be rekeyed to your existing key. Here, the GMS K001 cylinder was used.

  3. Rekey the Cylinder:

    • Dismantle the cylinder, remove the pins.
    • Use appropriate tools like a plug follower for the front and a cap cylinder removal tool for the back.
    • Load the pins corresponding to your key into the cylinder and reassemble.
  4. Assemble the Padlock:

    • With the 9AR padlock, there’s no need for an extra tailpiece.
    • Simply insert the rekeyed cylinder, turn the key to ensure it works and simultaneously pops the shackle open.
    • Secure the set with an allen wrench and you're done!

The Benefit for Locksmiths:

For locksmiths, the biggest takeaway is the value-added service you can offer to your customers. Instead of suggesting a run-of-the-mill padlock, you can now provide them with a personalized solution that aligns with their current set of keys. This can greatly enhance user experience and customer satisfaction.

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