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Key Organizer Review - Locksmith Product

Are you having trouble with organizing your keys? Check these because they are made for you. These are the key organizers by Lucky Line. There are two different options, one does not have a lock and the other one does. Both products have 24 key hooks that can store at least 24 different key rings or individual keys. The sizes for the two products are 8 1/2 inches wide, 10 1/2 inches tall, and 1.75 inches thick. Let's open these up and look inside.

Since both have the same size, their inside is identical. The key organizer with the lock has a cam lock made of plastic, and the key it comes with is a Y11 key.

It contains a piece of paper with a key number to write a description of each key. The paper has an adhesive backing to peel off the back and put it right here on the inside lid. In that way, it'll help you keep organized if need be.


It also comes with these two half-inch screws if you want to hang your key organizer. The product is light enough where you can probably get away with just screwing these into the drywall, but if you want something a little more secure, and you don't want to worry about it falling off, you're going to need to provide your drywall anchors.

 Although this is a key organizer with a lock on it, this isn't an extra secure way to store your keys. This is an organizer with a little bit of security, so I would be grateful if you could keep that in mind when you're selling it to your customers or thinking of purchasing one that this is an organizer that happens to have a little lock.

The 24 different key hooks are numbered from number 1 - number 24.


You can hang any key with the keyring on it, but you'll want to put a key tag a lot of times to identify what that key goes to. So let's start with these couple of tiny, smaller plastic, pretty standard little key tags. As I put them on here, you can see what they look like. They fit perfectly fine with your keys hanging, although it will cover up the number of the hooks, that's no big deal, in my opinion.

Next is one of the more rigid plastic key tags. They're a little bigger than the previous ones. As I stick that on there, you can see that there's not like a ton of room for it. It doesn't drop in hang out without touching the other ones, but it does not block the hook. No big deal as far as that goes.


I also grabbed jumbo Kevron key tags. As I put it there, that's what it will look like. As expected, it takes up a lot of room, but you're still going to be able to take your key tags, and you're able to put them on wherever you want to put them. It's going to work.

So this is the key organizer by Lucky Line. It's a great little organizer if you're looking for something to organize your keys. And if you want the lock, you can get the lock, put it on and one of the best parts about these tiny units here is they're inexpensive. So that's what makes them even better. Well, thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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