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Key Machine Review | RY2000 Punch Machine | Video

Hey this is PJ with CLK Supplies. In front of me is the RYTAN RY2000 Punch Machine! Most punch machines only allow you to cut one keyway, not the RY2000.  In this review, you will learn how to cut a key and how to change out the key-ways, so you can cut multiple manufactures of keys! Read here for a full key machine review on this punch machine!

One of my favorite parts of this machine is its ability to be a single or dual punch. You can order this machine with two different manufactures, which is really helpful. For this review, this machine has both Kwikset and Schlage.

Let’s take a closer look at how the RY2000 Key Machine works

As you can see below, I have two different manufactures sets in this machine at the same time. Kwikset on the left, Schlage on the right.

RY2000 Key Machine for Kwikset Keys RY2000 Key Machine for Schlage

You can order the RY2000 Punch Machine as a single punch but in this case, I am using the dual punch. Regardless of the model you purchase, the features in this review apply to both options.

As you can see below, this is the jaw where the keys will be set in place.

RY2000 Key Machine Jaw

Once you set the key in place, push the jaw forward until it locks in place.

As you close the lever, the jaw will adjust to six different positions.

Now, we will place the Schlage key on the right side of the punch machine and the Kwikset on the left. You can't cut them at the same time. I’ll address this shortly.

First, we are going to cut a Schlage SC1 key. As you may notice, there is no shoulder stop like you would see when you are putting a key like Schlage or Kwikset. The reason for this is because the punch is going to use the back shoulder displayed below...

RY2000 Key Machine

Take the key and place it in the punch machine jaw, and align with the back shoulder. Tighten by screwing the jaw head to the right.

RY2000 Key Machine Locking Position

Once the key is tight, push the jaw forward to its locking position.

Next, refer to the white knob on the right to determine the depth of the punch. Switch the knob to the desired position. Here, we are going with the “3” position.

Key Machine RY2000

Now, push the lever down. Once the lever pops up, the key will be placed in the next space sort of like a semi-automatic. Turn the knob into the next position and continue to press down the lever for each punch.

Once the key goes through each of the six positions, loosen the jaw and remove the key. You now have a nice code cut key.

Cut Key Using the RY2000 Key Machine

To switch from a Schlage key to a Kwikset, you will need to change the space bar.

To remove the bar, unscrew the red thumb screw and remove the black plate shown below.

 RY2000 Key Machine 

Now that the plate is removed, you can locate the space bar here…

RY2000 Key Machine Space Bar

Remove the space bar by gently pulling the bar out of its slot.

As you can see, the bar will be labeled by the manufacturer. SCH for Schlage.

Locate the other manufacturer’s space from the orange case provided.

Remove the Kwikset space bar and place it back in the punch machine in the space mentioned above.

Once the space bar is in place, attach and secure the black shield with the red screw.

You are now set to punch another key by a different manufacturer.

And that’s it. This was a full review of the RY2000 Dual Punch Machine. Whether you go with the dual or single punch machine, they both work the same. This is a great product, made in the USA by RYTAN.

This machine has been out for a while and we’ve sold a lot of them. I’m curious about your opinion for those who uses one of these key machines. Please feel free to provide your comments on our social media pages or on YouTube.

Thanks. We’ll see you next time!

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