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Key Machine Review | RY2000 Punch Machine

Explore your Rytan RY2000 punch machine. This punch machine can be a single punch or a double punch. You can order it for Schlage, Kwikset, or IC Core, or you can order it with two different manufacturers simultaneously. It gives you the ability to interchange every part on the machine to buy a Kwikset punch, and you can buy the parts and easily change it out for a Schlage punch. But the best part is you can have them both at the same time. Let's show you how it works.

This is the Rytan RY2000. As you can see, I have two different manufacturers on here at the same time. I have Schlage here on the right, and I have Kwikset over here on the left. You can order this with just one or the other if you don't have to have both. This is called the double punch because it has one on each.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

What I am holding is the jaw, it is where you're going to put the keys in, and once it is attached to it, you're going to push it to the back like this.

 RY2000 Punch Machine

Then as I move this lever down, it's going to start going to cut through the different spaces of the key. These are set up for six spaces so you can cut a five-pin key on it, and once you are done cutting, you need to hit the lever until it pops back out the jaw so you can get the key out quickly.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

Since this is a dual punch machine, cut the key according to its label. Like Schlage side is where we're going to put the Schlage key, but you can't cut different keys simultaneously. You must pick one or the other. And when you switch between the manufacturers, there is one part that you must switch out. Let me show you that as we cut an SC1 key.

Cut an SC1 key with Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine


The Rytan RY2000 punch machine has no shoulder stop. We need to attach the key to the jaw of the machine by using the back shoulder of the key, whether it is a Schlage or Kwikset.

Rytan RY2000

What we're going to do is we're going to take the key and stick it in by lining it up with that back shoulder, and then we're just going to tighten it down.

Once done, all you have to do is push the jaw all the way. The little wheel with numbers will determine the depth. For example, the three is facing forward, so that's how you know what depth you're going to be using because it's going to be facing forward. Turn the wheel to the specific depth that you need and push down the lever to start cutting. As soon as we bring the lever up, it moves it to the next space; it's like a semi-automatic.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

When you're done and have gone through all the different, you need to push down the lever one last time for the jaw to come forward with the key. Pull the key out and get your friendly code cut key.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine


Since it can only cut one key at a time, maybe you are wondering how to switch it to cut in a Kwikset Key? You have to change one part, and that's going to be the spacebar, which is right here. What you want to do is undo the tiny thumbscrew, and you're going to pull out the little small bar.

 key cutting with a punch machine

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

The bar in the middle is what we are going to replace.  Pull up the bar, and you'll notice an SCH that stands for Schlage.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

A kit comes when you buy a double punch, and it contains different bars from another manufacturer. If you purchase it separately, it still comes in a bit of part like this.

Key Punch Machine

Look for KW, and all you have to do is just put it in.

Rytan Key Machines

Push the jaw a little bit to make way for the bar. Align the tiny adjustment screw right up here.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

Once you have that back on, put the cover and get the tiny screw that holds it. So that's all it requires to switch between the different manufacturers. All you need is to replace the spacing bar.

Rytan RY2000 Punch Machine

That's how this dual punch key machine works. Whether you're going to get the single or double, they're both going to work the same, and it's made in the USA. The machine's been out for a while, we've sold a lot, and I'm curious about your opinion, especially for those who currently own it. Have you liked it? How has it been switching between the manufacturers? Is there anything anybody should know when they're going to purchase one? Please put them in the comments below. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time!

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