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Key Machine BATTLE Framon KX-1 vs Blue Punch (SFIC)

Another key machine battle between the Framon KX-1 and the Pro-Lok Blue Punch. We have Javion and the Lockfather both experts in the field. What excites me is the fact that the blue punch is like a staple when it comes to cutting SFIC keys. In the battle between these two machines, we're going to be cutting the SFIC A2 system keys, G keyway. The reason that I want to battle out with the SFIC is the tolerances are tight. There's not a lot of gets so the machines have to be accurate.




PJ: All right. Well, that was interesting there but Javion got a little excited.

Javion: I went a little too fast for myself, I think yeah.

PJ: Yep. Javion let's start with you. We know you're familiar with the Blue Punch and not as familiar with the KX-1, can you talk us through cutting the keys on these machines?

Javion: Well, obviously, the familiarity on this one makes it much easier. Other than obviously, I was going a little too fast and missed a number or something but this one is the old reliable one that I've always used but that one tends to be and feel much more accurate once I think you get used to using it, it's very accurate. It cuts a very clean cut. In the past, I've had issues with the ease you know where you get it, you cut it if it's slightly out of adjustment, and you do have that clicky where you get to try and turn your key and it clicks a little bit and then it comes around and it's fine. But you know, they both work well. I mean, I'm very used to this one, but I really liked the way that one cuts. It really cuts nice so yeah-

Pete: Yeah. It does cut very smoothly. That's all Blue, the dependable one that I've used for lots of years. That one doesn't take electricity, this one does so if you don't have an inverter in your vehicle, this one couldn't do or that one can.

Javion: Right.

PJ: Sure.

Pete: Both good quality all through, you know?

PJ: Yeah and I think the cool part about this battle here is that like there's really no loser, right? Because they're both really good machines but to win this battle, I'm going to ask you two one question, if you had to cut 10 keys, what machine are you going to use?

Javion: If it's just 10 keys and it's fast and because of familiarity, I would probably use this one.

Pete: I'd say the same thing.

PJ: Now, if we were going to cut 1000 keys of the same key bitting, what machine are you going to use?

Javion: I would for sure use that one.

Pete: I agree.

PJ: Okay.

Pete: It's just so much smoother. Where your hands gonna get boom, boom. This one you just barely pull back spring-loaded. That's wonderful.

PJ: Yeah, 'cause that's like pulling a trigger.

Javion: Yeah


We'd love to get your thoughts and opinions about these machines. Make sure to comment on our YouTube video include the #LockBoss to automatically get entered into one of five free prizes we give away each week. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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