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Key Machine BATTLE - Framon Key Express (KX-1) vs Rytan Punch (SFIC)

I invited the Lockfather and Javion for another Key Machine Battle. We will be battling out the Framon KX-1 setup for SFIC A2 against the Rytan RY 2000 punch machine, which is also set up for the SFIC A2.


PJ: Now, how much how familiar are the two of you with these two machines?

Pete: This one, not at all.

Javion: Not at all familiar with either one of them.

PJ: With either one?

Javion: Either one, no.

PJ: So you haven't even cut a key on either one?

Javion: Not even tried one yet.

PJ: That's how we like it. That's how we like it. So is what we're going to do is what I have done here is I wrote on a couple of sticky notes, the bitting for each machine and what we're going to do is we'll have you cut one key on each machine, and then check it okay, then check it. And then what we'll do, we'll have you swap and cut one on the other and let's talk about what machine you'd like better.

Pete: Okay.

PJ: Sounds good?

Javion: Sounds good.

PJ: All right. Let's do it





PJ: All right. So how did it go? I mean, both of you guys are very familiar with these machines. So you had to learn as you go. So Javion, we'll start with you. Talk to us about both of these machines and kind of your thoughts.

Javion: Well, you know, it's interesting. The Rytan RY 2000 punch machine reminds me of the one I'm most familiar with, our common blue punch. But the setup, I think, is nice, and it has a smooth feel to it, and it's very similar to the ones that I'm used to. I think it was just a little bit of difference in the dynamic, but other than that, it works well. I liked it. Yeah.

PJ: Yeah. Cool. And how about this one?

Javion: On Framon KX-1 setup for SFIC A2, I feel slightly slower. Maybe that's partly because of lack of familiarity, but I think it cuts a nice key. I noticed that it's very smooth when I cut it into the... when I tested it into the test cylinder, it is very smooth, so, and I noticed the cuts look clean and nice versus punches, which tend not to look as exact. Let's just put it that way.

PJ: Sure.

Javion: It's a nice machine for sure. And I think if I got good at it and used to it, I could probably cut the keys pretty quick.


PJ: Yeah, good stuff. Dad!

Pete: Well, this one is familiar because we have the blue punch. But I've always liked this machine because you can have two on one without changing.

PJ: Yeah.

Pete: But for the IC, it works great, except I'm dyslexic. It starts from the bow instead of the tip, and you have to remember that.

PJ: That is hard when you're so used to looking at the bitting a certain way with SFIC, and then when you cut on this machine, you're going to like, oh -

Pete: So we put it backward like this. I've said, Oh, no, it's right. So it is a nice machine.

PJ: Yeah. How about the next one?

Pete: I agree with Javion. It takes a little longer, just because we're not familiar with it, but it is a lot smoother, and as Javion said, the cuts are very nice. I mean, no burrs, no, nothing. We're on a, you know, once the key on a punch, every so often it bends a little depending on if you get them in there correctly and how quick you are. But that was a very nice machine.


PJ: Okay, so how will I get you the answer to who won this battle? I'm going to ask you each a question. If you had to cut 1000 of this key we just cut, what machine are you going to do it on?

Javion: I think the Framon KX-1 setup for SFIC A2. Yeah. Because I was impressed at how there was no clicking, no snapping or anything like that when I cut the key and put it into the cylinder, it worked. It was smooth. Overall, it tends to be; it's going to be more accurate, probably over repetition, where the Rytan RY 2000 punch machine, I think, will be more prone to a couple of mistakes here and there or maybe skip a step or skip the number.

Pete: I didn't push it down hard enough. It still clicked, so I had to cut the key. I cut twice.

Javion: Right.

PJ: Yeah. So I'm going to think it's safe to say is what I'm hearing is, I mean, of course, the Rytan punch is great, but at the same time, like if you're going to be cutting a lot of keys, you're not like this. You're going to be, I mean, after 1000 doing this -

Javion: - That's right.

PJ: It's going to hurt.

Pete: And that has a nice -

Javion: lever pole and -

PJ: It's got like a trigger, you know?

Javion: Yeah.

Alright, everybody, well, I'd love to know what you think about these two machines. Thank you. We'll see you all next time!

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