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Key Machine Automatic | The Futura Auto Cuts Motorcycle Keys?!

I've talked in the past that the Futura Auto gets a lot of advertising on cutting 875 edge style keys, or HD106 Schlage style keys, or Honda or Volkswagen high-security keys. This is the main reason why people buy a Futura Auto. You can go through the database, search by key blank, and identify all the different motorcycle keys to cut using the machine. But for this example, we're going to do the old HD75. It's a popular older motorcycle key, allowing me to show you how the Futura Auto cut an HD75 motorcycle key.

On the main screen, hit Search, then we'll do Vehicle keys.


Then on the menu here, we have many different options on how we can look it up. You could put in the code if you have it, but I will go to Key blanks. Type in HD75, which I believe is also X138, and hit Search.


It will pull up all these different code series. Another thing you can pay attention to is the serial number so let's say there's one that you're cutting a lot, maybe for a customer or vendor or something. You can always make a note, memorize the actual card number that you can use. The C and D are the popular ones, and all the different ones are 00 to 99. So let's click on this one right here and hit Card.


Once it pulls it up, as you'll see is blank because we haven't told what to cut yet, we then need to decode a key, lookup, or put in the cuts or the bitting, or we need to search by the code.


So let's search by code here. The series is 00 to 99; make sure we stay within that. Let's type 99 and hit Search. It will pull up the cuts for the bitting, which is 32122. Once we do that, let's go ahead and set up populate then, it will give you a little mockup picture of what it looks like.


On the side menu, you can always look at the card options and see exactly what's going on, the clamp needed, the cutter required, which is the 12L, and then you can go in here to card info as well and get some of the same types of information here.  



Once we have the information needed, we'll hit the Cut button to cut the key. It will display the information required like STOP (0), Clamp side (All), meaning we can put it in any clamp side that we feel comfortable with.  


The 01 VA jaw on. This is the edge style jaw, but you always want to make sure that you have the suitable cutter in. After you use this machine a bunch, you'll get familiar with what the cutters look like, and just by looking at it, I can tell it's the 12L, but let's go ahead and just double check because that never hurts, does it? Let's get it, put in. So we're just going to loosen this Allen up a little bit, pull this out, take a quick peek and check if it is 12L.

To change a cutter or put a new one in, all you need to do is loosen up this Allen a little bit. You go ahead, and you slide the cutter up, push it into the very top to where it stops, and then tighten the Allen. You don't need to tighten it too tight, just tight enough to keep it there, essentially.


Time to set up the key. We'll put our key in, choose the Clamp side we want, and think for a simple keyway profile like this; A is perfect. Use STOP 0 and tighten it down.


All set to cut side 1, we'll close the shield, and we'll hit Start on the screen. The first thing it's going to do is calibrate precisely where the key is and then have a few different passes.


Okay, side one is done, so we'll go ahead and turn the key around. Put in the key using the same Clamp side and STOP, close the lid, and hit Start.

It will do the same thing; it's going to calibrate and make sure it knows exactly where the positions. This feature helps a lot because even if you have someone who doesn't know how to put it in right or new, it will help make sure that the key gets appropriately cut.


And there we go. Now both sides of the HD75 key are cut, just like that.


Thank you, guys, and remember your Futura Auto can cut a whole bunch of motorcycle keys as well.
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