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Key Cutting Machine | Use the Flash 008 with NO PLUG?

When it comes to manual key cutting machine duplicators, the Silca Flash 008 is one of the most respected compact duplicators on the market today for these reasons: the four-way jaws to accommodate a wide variety of different styles of edge style keys; has a nice width between the two jaws to make sure you can duplicate any remote head key thrown your way; has a turning wheel which moves the carriage back and forth to make cutting easy that almost turns it into a semi-automatic duplicator; the deburring brush to quickly and easily deburr newly cut keys; and a tracer that makes it simple to adjust.

But the Silca Flash 008 is a 110-volt key machine, so you have to have a plug in for it. And when you go to go somewhere with it, you need a jump box as a great temporary solution. But wouldn't it be nice if the Flash had a built-in battery to make your life even easier? Well, guess what? The answer to that one problem that you've been asking about that Silca has finally delivered.

Have a look at the brand new Silca Flash 008 Mobile. It has a built-in battery that will allow you to cut around 300 keys on a full charge using a 24-volt lithium battery.

Ilco Flash 008 Mobile Key Machine


When you buy the brand new Silca Flash 008 Mobile, do not pull it out of the box; plug it in, try to see how it works, and wonder why the battery doesn't work. And the reason for that is because you must take off the bottom plate and then connect the battery to the machine.

The biggest question is, 'Can you still use the machine while you're charging the battery? Is it going to work right, and then how do you charge the battery?' The answer is YES because it comes with a nice adapter that you plug right into a wall at a 120-volt plug-in and the other end into the key machine. It even has a screen that's going to let you know how charged the battery is.

It is good if you're getting ready to go to a job, and you see the battery is almost dead; get your charger.


On the side of the machine, you're going to see the power button. Pop up the cover, push it, and you're going to see the power button lights on. If the battery is low, plug the charger, turn it on and run the machine while it's being charged.

 Ilco Flash 008 Mobile Key Machine

That's just a great little double feature because the best part is that you're going to get everything you've come to expect with the Flash 008.

If you're not familiar with it, go to the links below, and I'll have a link to a video where you can watch me cut some keys on it.

Ilco Flash 008 Demo

However, one more question needs an answer, ' Does it have the proper cutting power when we need to duplicate keys? Does it have the power that we've come to expect out of the standard 110-volt key machine?


As you can see, the battery is not fully charged; it's about three-quarters (half) of the way charged to see how it cuts when it's not fully charged.

 Ilco Flash 008 Mobile Key Machine

I'll test the battery by cutting an SC1 key, and I do have a blank key and a cylinder to make sure the key works. Install the SC1 key on the left jaw, then use the shoulder gauge and install the SC1 blank on the right jaw. Take the shoulder gauge, turn the machine on and start cutting. Do not forget to use the other features of the machine to get your job well done.

 Cutting a key with the Flash 008 Mobile Key Machine

 Mobile Key Machine - Ilco Flash

Ilco Flash 008 Mobile Key Machine

Works well! That's right out of the box, no calibration. I'm delighted to say that this works well. The Flash does have the power that you need to make sure you're cutting keys without any slowdown, perfect for a lock boss on the go. So, whether you're cutting keys on a bench setting, have a plugged into the wall, or you're out in the field, the Flash mobile is going to have you covered. Thank you, and I'd love to know your comments in the notes below. See you next time.

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