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Key Cutting Machine | The CHEAPEST Key Machine is known to man?'

Is this the cheapest key-cutting machine in the world? Let's see if we can find out what the answer is.

The main cutting machine I'm referring to is the Lishi Cutter. It's now more of a cookie-cutter than a key cutter, I suppose. However, I'll show you how to duplicate an SC1 key with this tiny cutter.

While duplicating an SC1 key with this cutter isn't the most ideal or professional tool, it can be done quickly. So I'm going to combine this lishi cutter with a fine tip Sharpie pen. We'll use this approach to test an SC1 key that we've replicated. We're going to copy an SC1 key together and try it with this method.

I've here the SC1 to duplicate, a blank key, and a Sharpie fine point marker. Let's get started.

 SC1 key blank

Using a sharpie to mark SC1 key for cutting

Take the blank key and the key I want to duplicate together, put it down, line it up on the shoulder, and hold it just like that. Once you have it like this, copy trace the key. Make sure to do the blank spot because that's going to show you where your Sharpie lines will be for each depth. Keep your hold at the same angle and going through. Once done, make another run to make sure.

 SC1 key

To be clear, this is not a preferred way to duplicate a key. I'm not recommending that at all.  However, doing this shows the versatility and the usefulness of the lishi cutter.

This is what it is going to look like. You can see all the different cuts; all you're concerned about is the root, the base of each of these different depths. Although we're missing a little bit at the end, we have everything we need to cut the key.

SC1 key

Now, we're going to use the lishi cutter. A lishi cutter is essentially a pair of pliers that cuts a key as there is a little cutter with different lines at the end of it. It's a pretty handy little tool, you open and close, and it just punches out the key.

So, here's what we're going to do: we're going to carry the key up like this and start cutting each of these depths. It would be best if you got closer to it to make sure you're cutting it correctly aligned. We don't have much room for error here because these are pretty tight locks.

Using Lishi Cutter to cut SC1 key

Once you're done cutting, try using it on unlocking a lock.

 Cutting a key with a Lishi Cutter

Key cutting with a Lishi

If it doesn't work, look for areas that need a deeper cut. In this key, it is the first and the third cut.

 Using a Lishi Cutter

There we go, and it's turning. So now is this the best way to duplicate a key? No. Is it a way I recommend doing? No, but it shows you how versatile this lishi cutter can be.

Before we're done here, it's essential to see all these different spikes from the different depths here if you look up top here. So we want to go ahead and just hit those. Those are like thorns in the pocket.

 Lishi Cutter

So there you have it. That is why we refer to the Lishi Cutter as a cheap key machine. I'd love to know, how do you use this lishi cutter? Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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