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Key Cutting Machine | Framon 2 vs Tool Box Lock! Too Easy?

Let's have some more fun with the Framon 2 code machine by cutting the key by code for this Husky toolbox. Not only is the Framon 2 machine versatile, but it's also fun to use, and it doesn't require any code cards. As time goes on, as you use the machine, it's actually going to make you better at your job because you're going to start to understand the spacing and depth information on the keys that you're working with. Now, as far as this toolbox goes here, the code on it is a B05. Check the information by going to Gcode online; look it up and see what we find.


The Framon 2 comes with the generic code desktop free with it, and you can use that as well. But for the online version, the first step is to go to Gcode online. Put B05 for Series Code and select Utility for Lock Type, hit Search. Look for the toolbox, and we're going to go to the machine details as Framon manual.


It will tell us the spacing block, 5, and then the alignment and the cutter. So it's going to give us all that information, and so here we are now at the machine, and we're going to get this setup then cut one of these keys.



The first step is to change the spacing block. Take the spacing block and see what number it is.  The screenshot of information needs spacing block number 5, so and grab the number 5 spacing block and install it.


Now that we have that, set up the spacing point to 097. What we're going to do is we're going to spin this around until we find the 097, angle it just a little bit until it pops up here.

The next thing we have to do is we have to get our first cut spacing dialed. From the screenshot, the first space starts at a .125. Zero it out first before making a couple of rotations. It will take two and a half rotations and land at .125. Remember, each rotation equals .050. After setting it properly, we need to move the spacing block to align with the first cut. Now just a quick overview, each one of the lines represents a space.

That's how this whole thing is set up, so once we have this done, we're going to be completely good to go as far as all the spacing information goes. We can just now go to each space.



Now we're going to pay attention to the actual depth. As you can see, our first cut will be number 1, and the depth of that is going to be .250. Spin it until it close to that .250, and then we're just got to find the 0.

At this point, I'm going to go ahead and take a Y11 key, which it says to use, and get it put in the machine. Now, I'm going to use the bottom shoulder because the bottom shoulder is directly aligned. However, you can also use the top shoulder if you want. Please put it in and turn the machine on to make the first cut.


Since the second cut is also a number 1, all we need to do is move the space over to the second and then make that second cut.


Alright, now we can go to space 3, and if you can look, all we have is three number 4 cuts for the last three. So we only have to set this one more time. Look at the chart again, and we can see that the number four is a .190. What I'm going to do is to .200, rotate it backward by .10 to get .190. You can do the opposite by going to .150, and then we're going to go up .40 to get .190 as well. Once we get there, let's go ahead and make these last three cuts.


Always check the key if it is working or if there are adjustments to make.


There you have it! I'd love to know in the comments below what you think of the Framon 2 machine. Thank you. We'll see you next time! 

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