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Key Cloning | The NEW Ilco Snoop for the RW4, EZ-Clone

Get more work done by upgrading your tools. Ilco came out with the U-Snoop that serves as a replacement to the standard snoop that came with RW4 Plus, EZ Clone, or M-Snoop, the red one that came with the M box if you bought that upgrade. It is something you're going to like because instead of having to manage a couple different snoops, you now only have to manage one.

Now, if your existing machine has a red M-Snoop or the standard snoop that got broken, instead of buying the same one, just buy the U-Snoop. Because it's going to work with all the existing machines that are using snoops. Check the U-Snoop here.

 Ilco U-Snoop

Here’s a quick guide of using a U-Snoop on the RW4 Plus to answer questions like ‘How do I know it's working?’

Check the status of your snoop by going to the main screen; scroll down until you see options. Once you see options, hit enter then scroll down until Snoop, and press enter again. Now what you want to do is put your snoop in face down or the wire, the little red piece down in the unit. Just like the image below.

RW4 Plus Cloning Tool with Snoop

While you're holding it there, go to the status check and hit Enter. You'll see it says SNOOP OK. That's what you want to do and that's what you want to check and that's how you will be able to verify that your snoop is working correctly.

Using the U-Snoop on the RW4 Plus

And so that's the U-Snoop, so the next time we need to replace your existing snoop, make sure you get the U-Snoop. Thank you and we'll see you next time!

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