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How to Use the Silca Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine | Video

The Silca Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine by ILCO is an innovative addition to the business of any professional locksmith that works with automotive keys on a regular basis.

The Silca Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine can cut automotive keys or duplicate them with amazing precision. This electronic key cutting machine comes with one cutting station and two interchangeable clamps for duplicating and originating all types of automotive keys, from motorcycles to heavy trucks and anything in between. The database also includes information related to any additional key used in a car: glove boxes, roof racks, etc.

It’s a remarkable addition to any locksmith business but using the first couple of times can be challenging. Go on reading and you’ll see that cutting a key by code with the Silca Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine by ILCO is super easy!

Start by searching for vehicle keys. There are three different ways to do so: by code, key blank or key code. Depending on the information you have you’ll use one way or another. The system, fortunately, is very intuitive and it takes you step by step through it.

Then you’ll go ahead and hit “card”. On the upper right part of the new screen you can choose to put the code in, the cuts or the bidding. You can decode the key, duplicate it, almost anything a locksmith might need to do. In this case we’re going to cut a key by code. The system will automatically give you the code series. Here is where you will enter the code. The bidding is going to pop up and you’re going to hit OK.

On the next screen, you’ll get a picture of what the key would be like. It will tell you what the tip stop is, etc. Once you confirm that everything is all right, get ready to hit CUT.

As you hit CUT, the system will automatically tell you everything you need to know to cut the key: which clamp, the clamp size you’ll need, the cutters and the stop. Now, you’re ready to go to the cutting machine.

The cutting machine has all the stops you’ll need. As there is no slot for the stop 4, the machine comes with a plastic piece that you slide in easily. Then you grab the key and stick it on the available groove, push it till it stops, tighten it down and then remove the tip stop. Verify you have the cutter you need and that everything is ready to cut the key. Shut the shield and hit START.

The cutting machine will communicate with the other part of the Silca Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine by ILCO. Everything will get a little bit noisier! Don’t worry! It’s the cutting machine doing its job! Once it gets done you lift up the shield, take the key out and put the fourth clamp back in. Put the key again, close the shield, hit start again and the other side of the key will be automatically cut.

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