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How to Use the Rytan RY5798 Plug Spinner

Have a look at the RY5798 Compact Plug Spinner by Rytan on CLKsupplies. It uses the same push-button technology as the RY57 but with a compact design. With its low profile and hook at its end, you can put it in your pick set or shirt pocket, and it's not going to take up too much space.

You can also buy replacement blades if you were to break them.

 RY5798 Compact Plug Spinner


Near its end with the blade, there's a cutout on both sides. The cutout will give you the mobility to spin either left or right.

 How to use the Rytan Plug Spinner

But what you need to do is to twist it 180 degrees, push it in to lock, and press the button on its opposite end, the neon or yellow-green piece, to activate the plug spinner.

 Using a Plug Spinner


In this situation, we need to go clockwise or right to left. We're going to move it the opposite way we want it to spin. Twist it and push it to be locked.

 RY5798 Compact Plug Spinner

When it is locked, the push button is going to stick out.

 Rytan RY5798

Put it inside the cylinder. When doing it, I recommend getting the cylinder pretty close to the shear line or where the bible is, straight up and down. Some like to keep it much farther, but do what works best for you.

 how to use a plug spinner

The last thing you need to do is to push the button. It will pop the cylinder over to the other side, so there is no need to pick it again.

 locksmith using a plug spinner

Now, we'll be able to get that lock open, and we're good to go. So, that's the RY5798 compact plug spinner. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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