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How To use The Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge | Video

The Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge is one of those tools that professional locksmiths simply need to have at their locksmith shop. It’s more like a Swiss army knife as this key gauge has three different spots to remove C clips, a detent pusher and it helps locksmiths decode the 8 more popular types of keys: Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Yale, Arrow, Weslock, Master, and SFIC A2 in the USA.

If you are new to the business or you haven’t used a key gauge before, let’s see how this great Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge works.

Anytime you have a key that does not have a number stamped on it or you need to decode a key follow these steps. I am using a Schlage key for this example. To start, take the first depth, stick it in the key gauge and follow it down until it stops and write that number down. Then you take the second depth and repeat the same procedure until you finish with all the depths. This will definitely make it easier to rekey a lock than just keep dropping pins and guessing. The Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge is the easiest way to rekey a lock!

Let’s look now into the other features that the Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge has: the C Clip Remover and the Detent Pusher.

Let’s see how the C Clip Remover works. Take for example a regular Asian imported cylinder; many of these C Clips can be difficult to remove! The Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge comes with three different size options. To remove a clip from a cylinder, insert the cylinder into either the A, B or D gauges and gently move it back and forth. As you will see, the C Clip will start popping off. At that time, you do not want to keep pushing to keep the C Clip from flying away; instead, you take the corner of the C Clip remover and gently pry it off.

In regards to the Detent Pusher, take for instance any residential or commercial lock. What you are going to do is take the detent and push the lock off so that you can rekey it.

The Pro 8 In 1 Key Gauge is really nice to have. It is made of stainless steel and it’s a great addition to a Locksmith’s tool collection.


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