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How to Use Gator VATS Bypass Module | Video

Gator VATS Bypass Module: How To Video | Solve Ignition Lock Failure on GM Vehicles

The Vats Bypass Module (#VBM054) is one of those tools that automotive locksmiths like the most. It’s a great problem solver for automotive locksmiths especially when they need to assist a customer with an older GM vehicle with the VATS System.

Professional locksmiths know that the Vats Bypass Module #VBM054 is designed for those times when the General Motors ignition lock (with the VATS system installed in it) fails.

One of the most common issues with VATS ignitions as they age is that either the wires break or the contacts inside that allow the vehicle to start once the key is introduced are loose, damaged and broken and the car won’t start. In such situation, an easy way to fix that instead of ripping apart the whole steering column and replacing the ignition is to install the VATS Bypass Module.

The VATS Bypass Module redirects the signal that comes through from the VATS key back to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Determine the VATS resistant value of the key

Step 2: Once you know the VATS resistance value of the key, you look into the VATS Bypass module. Since it has all 15 vats values built into the unit, just need to turn up the vat value that matches the VATS key resistance value.

Step 3: Take off the shrouding on the steering column and you’re going to find where the VATS ignition plugs.

Step 4: You’ll unplug it and plug in the Bypass Module instead.

Step 5: Before putting everything back up, put the customers key into the ignition, make sure that the anti-theft light goes out.

Step 6: Lastly, put the top on adjust the screws and zip tie everything into the dashboard.

On some GM vehicles, the connector is called a 42pin VBM adapter. In that situation, automotive locksmiths need to purchase a pin extension, plug it in and then, under the dashboard you’ll find a slot in the corner where you will put the two pins. Everything comes with an additional zip tie to keep everything in place.
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