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How to turn a Kwikset KW1 into a KW10 when needed

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a KW1 and a KW10?

Have you ever wanted to know how to turn a KW1 into a KW10 key if needed?

If you grab a KW1 and a KW10 key you’ll see that the former is a 5 pin key while the latter is a 6 pin key.

Typically, the difference between keys that have the same grooving, the same key shape is going to be the blade length. That said, the KW10 should have a longer blade on it for 6 pins. Now, this is true for the SC1 and the SC4 key but it is not the case for the KW1 and the KW10. If you take one of these two KW keys and you line them up by their top shoulder you’ll see that they have the same length. But if you flip them around, on the back you’ll see that the bottom shoulder on the KW10 key is further back. Thus, the KW10 will enter the lock and stop on the bottom shoulder instead on the top shoulder.

This means that you can use a KW10 like a KW1 by lining it up on the groove on the top shoulder and cutting it and it would work just fine.

If you get into a pinch and need a KW10 key and you don’t have any, remember that you can always use the customer’s key. You only have to flip it upside down and then flip over a KW1 and trace along the back of the blade and get the shoulder mark. It is also good to go a little further on each side and grind down to have clearance to get into the lock.

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