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How to take apart a Citiloc Knob to Rekey it | Video

Citiloc is the brand of Grade 3 knobs that we have for sale at CLK Supplies, LLC since 2004. They have proven to be beautifully designed and a great value for their price. These knobs can be pinned up to OEM specs for Kwikset or Schlage and they can be master keyed.

One of the frequent questions we get at CLK Supplies, LLC is how do we take Citiloc knobs apart to rekey them. In this article, we’re going to take you step by step through the process. You’ll learn how to take the entrance knob or even the lever apart. This process can be used to rekey many other types of Grade 3 knobs.

When you’re going to rekey a Citiloc knob you have to be absolutely sure that the knob is unlocked. If it is unlocked, it will spin freely. As the knob is unlocked we’ll turn the lock until we can see a small pin in the hole.

Once you can see that little pin, you will hold the knob in your hand with tension and you are going to do a little push over the pin so that you can start removing the knob.

Before you go to take the knob off completely, it’s always a good idea to take the key and stick it in the lock. Once you get the key in the lock, you can simply pull all the way off, set the internal part of the knob aside and you can see a cylinder inside the external part of the knob.

You have to remove the beauty ring in order to get to this cylinder. That said, take an ice pick and pry up a little bit. Once you have it partially removed, use any removal tool at hand to remove the beauty ring. Just work carefully around to get it lifted up. Once it is lifted up, you can easily pull it off.

The reason why it is better to keep the key in here is because there is not much clearance inside the knob and many a time you can get a little wonky and the cylinder can drop inside the knob which can be a pain to remove.

Hold the cylinder with your finger, pull out the key, put another finger on the other side and push it out. Simple! As the cylinder is out, you are ready to take the clip off and rekey it.

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