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How to store and organize HPC code cards

Today, we're going to talk about the popular ways to store HPC code cards and the popular ways to organize them.


When you purchase your HPC 1200 book machines, they're going to come with a binder, just like this.


These binders are made for you to put all your code cards in. And I'll open it up here and I'll show you these whole 20 cards per page just like this. I just filled up once so you can see what it looks like here.


The benefits of a binder like this are that if you have a place that you store other catalogs or books, you can easily include it there, so you always know where they are. Also, when you open it up, and you go to look at and try to find the right card, it's pretty easy to do, because how they're visually displayed. If you run out of room or you rip one of these pages, you can purchase additional pages or insert to put in here.


Probably the biggest downside to a binder like this is that if it were to fall off to a workbench. What I'll do is I'll just gently drop it right here.


As you can see, one card started to come out here a little bit. So, if you accidentally have one of those moments and that thing goes flying, you're definitely gonna have a lot of code cards to pick up and reorganize. The other downside is that if you use your 1200 Blitz machine a lot, pages will start to rip and get worn, and you're gonna have to buy replacements for it, which is no big deal but some guys don't like to do that.

The other option I see common for storing code cards, is using a little index card holder like this. This is just a little metal index card holder. As you can see, the cards fit in here really nice.


The benefits of using a little box is that it's really compact, especially in a van situation - a lot of guys will mount it, they'll screw it down to the workbench right next to their machine. That way, they're not going to go flying, they're gonna be right where you left them and it's pretty easy to open it up and kind of thumb through to find the card you want.


  1. Organize it by the card number. On the top of every card, there's a little card number, so you would just put those in order, starting with one and even 200-300. In that way, when you go to pull up a code, and you get all the code information, it's also going to tell you the card number, so you just open up your binder or open up your file here, and you find that card number, and you're ready to go.
  2. By make, alphabetically. They're going to have all of the Toyota cards together, or the Ford cards together, all of the Schlage cards together, whatever it may be, they're just going to put them alphabetically, and they're going to find them that way.

The main reason is that if you were going to get ready to like hand file a key, and you wanted to brush up, make sure you knew what the how many depths there were, and what the spaces were, you could pull up the code card, take a look at it and get familiar with what you're about ready to impression.

Those are the two kind of train of thoughts when it comes to organizing and storing HPC code cards. I'm interested to know what your thoughts are. Please leave some comments below on how you do it. Maybe it'll help someone. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time!



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