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How to Rekey Abus 83 Series Padlocks

How to Rekey Abus 83 Series Padlocks

The Abus 83 Series Padlock key up the same way and use the same pins that you would on a standard Kwikset or Schlage keyway lock. Let me open it up and show you how to do it.


The first thing we're going to do is stick the key in, turn the shackle and it up. When Abus sells these locks, they always come with the zero-bitted uncut key.


Once it is open, you'll see the Phillips screw down there. Loosen that up to get the cylinder and the Z bar to come out.



You'll notice a pinning window on the side of the cylinder, which makes it quick and easy to rekey the lock.


Also, the key can be turned to the right but can't turn to the left. It is necessary to pin the lock on the pinning window.


And the solution to that is to push this pin in, in turn, the key gently at the same time.


From then, you can turn the key and move all the pins to the pinning window to rekey it.

You'll notice that the sixth chamber is empty. So if you were going to pin up a six-pin lock, the manufacturer provided the top pin, the spring, and the little cap.


Since the pins are exposed, dump them out. Take the blank key out and put the Kwikset key that you'll pin. In this example, I used pins 21152, as seen on the Kwikset key. 


Once done pinning, test it, make sure everything's good. Once it's good, it's going to snap it back.


The pin that prevents you from turning the key to the left will pop back out right there, and you're good to go.



Turn the key to move the pins until you can see it to this hole. This is where you drop the top pin, the spring, and then the cap. It's effortless to switch from a five-pin to a six-pin lock.


That's how you rekey an Abus 83 series padlock. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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