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How to Cut a Key on the ILCO Speed 040 Key Duplicator | Video

The ILCO Speed 040 Key Duplicator is a must-have tool for professional locksmiths that need to choose between automatic and manual operation to add versatility to their services.

One of the most outstanding features of the ILCO Speed 040 Key Duplicator are the four way jaws that allow locksmiths to accommodate any kind of key they need to duplicate, whether they are working on a padlock key, a commercial, residential or automotive key. If you need to switch these jaws around to get the key clamped on there perfectly, you just have to loosen the left-hand knob and pull up on the bottom jaw and you’ll see how they easily turn over.

When you find one that is going to work you need to check that whichever letter you see on the left jaw, you also see it in the right one. If not, turn the latter accordingly.

Next you need to pay attention to the micro adjust for the tracer so if your keys are not too deep or not deep enough you can loosen up the allen and micro adjust the tracer.

The ILCO Speed 040 Key Duplicator also comes with an oversized cutter and a deburring brush that allows locksmiths to deburr keys after cutting them.

The machine comes with two switches: there’s a base switch that turns on the power and one switch on top that turns on the cutting power.

When you need to duplicate a key, place it in the first jaws, and all shoulder stops use a flip up gauge. So, you flip that up, clamp in the key and put the key you want to cut on the other side and clamp it down. At this point, you can just turn the power on and pull the carriage up and down to cut the keys manually. In the automatic operation, you’ll bring the carriage all the way to the right and turn on the cutting motor. Then, push the bottom on the carriage and take it down and bring it up to start. This will bring tension onto the tracer and the cutter. Then, hold the grey button on the side for a few seconds and you’ll hear the motor start up. The machine will automatically start to cut the key.

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