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How to Change the Handing on Adams Rite DeadLatch Locks | Video

How to Change the Handing on Adams Rite DeadLatch Locks

Have you ever needed a left or right-handed lock and only had the opposite? No problem! Here you’ll learn how to switch the handing on Adams Rite and alike Dead Latch locks for aluminum storefront doors. You’ll discover how easy it is to swap the handing on these so you only have to stock one handing as you’ll have the confidence to switch it out as needed. This will allow you to stock less and have a greater return on your investment.

So, here we go...

  • Step 1: Remove the two Phillip screws on each side of the lock. Remember to put your thumb in the front of the lock as there’s a piece that’s spring-loaded and you don’t want anything jumping around.
  • Step 2: Take the back cover. You’ll see there’s a large diameter spring and a small diameter spring. At the back cover you’ll see two holes, one bigger than the other so that you know how to put it back on. Leave it aside.
  • Step 3: Take the springs out. Then pull the deadlatch out.
  • Step 4: Grab it. Look for a pin that you have to pull out. There’s a spring out that you can’t see. You’ll have to pop it out and you’re going to reverse it so that the big piece is up looking the other way around. In order to do this, use a screwdriver to push the pin so that it comes out the other way easily. Pop the big piece out and flip the lock. Pull the spring out and slide it in again in an angle. Take the big piece and put it again. Get the pin back in the hole. Done! We’ve swapped the handing of the lock!
  • Step 5: Put the piece in the lock again. Insert the deadlatch back in. Insert the two springs and cover them with the large indented piece. Screw the Philip screws back in.
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