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How To Change The Belt on an HPC Mini Speedex 9120RM | Video

How To Change The Belt on an HPC Mini Speedex 9120RM | Video

How To Change The Belt on an HPC Mini Speedex 9120RM

The HPC Mini Speedex 9120RM is a high quality, American-made key duplicating machine. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight, the 9120RM is an ideal choice for use in small operations. The device comes equipped with a durable W1-grade steel cutter that has been designed specifically to use with the high RPM motor it comes equipped with. This motor requires the use of a belt in order to run, and as the belt wears down it may need to be replaced in order for the device to run smoothly.

In order to change the belt on the HPC Mini Speedex 9120RM, first make sure that you have the correct replacement belt marked ‘9120-BELT’ on the labeling. You’re also going to need two Allen wrenches, a 3/32” and a 5/32”. Two Allen screws will need to be reached in order to remove the belt: one at the top and one at the bottom. The point of removing these Allen screws is to release the plastic shield covering the belt in the motor.

Remove the top 3/32” Allen screw first, and then remove the 5/32” at the bottom. Once the plastic sheeting is freed up and moved out of the way, the top pulley will be exposed. Grab the belt, and work it in over the plastic shield until it’s wrapped around the motor. Use your hand to pull the belt down 

Reverse this process by placing the plastic shield back over the motor so that it covers up the belt, and then screw the Allen screws back in with reverse order as well, by screwing in the 5/32” at the bottom first and the 3/32” at the top second. For the top screw, make sure that the metal bar that you’ll be inserting the screw in is placed underneath the plastic shield and over the motor. 

At that point, all you’ll need to do is plug in the machine, and you’ll be able to turn it on by activating the on and off switch.

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