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How to Change a Shackle on Abus 83 Series Padlocks | Video

Changing a shackle on any Abus 83 series padlocks is not a very difficult task. Remember that, whichever shackle your current padlock has, it can be replaced with any 1” long, 2” long, 3” long, 4” long or 6” long shackle that you can find at our online store.

The first thing you’ll need to do is pop open the padlock. In order to do so, insert the key and open it.

Once you have it open you’ll see a Phillips screw at the bottom of the shackle hole. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove it. This is going to pop the cylinder out so remember to keep your finger on the bottom of the padlock covering the cylinder as you remove the screw.

Leave the screw and the cylinder aside. Next, take grab your Abus Premium Shackle change tool S2 (specifically designed for Abus 83 series padlocks). The little piece in the shackle tool will slide down to the very bottom underneath this silver piece you see in there and it’s going to remove this ball bearing holding the shackle in. You’ll need to apply some pressure. Pull the shackle out.

Now, you’ll see the ball bearing come up. As you turn the lever of the shackle tool you’ll see the ball bearing go down. That’s what allows the shackle to be removed.
As you have it hold down, grab the shackle you want to use, stick it in and, as you do so, release the tool and it is going to pop out easily.

It’s always good to check before you put the cylinder back in if everything is working right. Insert the cylinder, close the padlock and open it again with the key. If it works all right, leave the cylinder and screw the Phillips screw back to secure it.

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