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How it Works: Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator | Video

If you are in the market for a key duplicator that is high quality and value priced, you need to check the Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator out. This duplicator is capable of cutting any kind of high security keys, and it does so very efficiently.

How The Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator Works

On the left side of the Silca Swift Plus High Security Duplicator, you will see the tracer, and on the right you will see the cutter. The handle that moves the carriage back and forth is located on the far left of the device, while the handle that moves the cutter and the tracer together is located on the upper part of the device.

Start by taking the key you want to duplicate and insert it into the crevice in the left side of the duplicator. Then take your blank key and insert it into the crevice on the right side of the duplicator. Place in the key tip stop at the end of the device (to ensure the keys are not inserted too far) and turn the knob on both sides of the devices in order to ensure that both keys are kept firmly in place.

Next, turn on the cutting wheel. Make sure that you never force the cutter to cut through the key, as this is one of the biggest mistakes that people will make when using this device. That’s because the cutter will be at severe risk of breaking if you try to get too aggressive with it; instead, let the cutter work on its own. Your role is merely to guide it along.

Activate the motor of the key and move very slowly (again, you don’t want to force the cutter) as the tracer will move along your existing security key on the left side and the cutter will slice through the key to-be-cut on the right. You’ll use the lever on the left side to move the tracer and the cutter.

To ensure that the new duplicated key will be accurate to the original as possible, consider tracing and cutting the keys a second time (again, move slowly and don’t get too aggressive with the cutter).

Repeat the above process with the other side.

Once the process is complete, shut off the duplicator and examine the two keys to make sure that they look identical. Once you confirm, flip both keys over and repeat the above process.

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