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How it Works: Privacy Function on Commercial and Residential Hardware

How it Works: Privacy Function on Commercial and Residential Hardware

Are you familiar with the Privacy Lock Function? If so, the Privacy Lock Function is found on Grade 1, 2, and 3 hardware, meaning it's located between the primary residential to heavy-duty commercial. Like its name, this lock is meant to provide privacy, not security. The outside of the lock has a little turn piece or a hole depending on the maker and its grade, where a normal lock cylinder would go.

 Grade 2 commercial hardware


In this case, it has a bit turn piece, which you can use just about anything. You could use a quarter, a screwdriver, or even the corner of a credit card if needed.

 Privacy Function on lever


The inside has either a push button or twist knob depending on the grade and what the manufacturer used, but they're all going to work about the same way.

 privacy lock function for door lever


On the inside, either you push or twist the button to lock it. You can unlock it by either pulling the lever up or down.

 door lever with privacy lock

From the outside, since the lock is a clutch function when the buttons are pushed on the inside, even if you pull the lever down or up, it's not going to activate the lock.

 lock with privacy function

But as soon as you pop the button, it's going to be unlocked.

 residential or commercial lock lever

It's perfect for a bathroom, a fitting room setting, or anything where you want to get some privacy, and you're not looking for security. This is the privacy function. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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