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*Spend $389.99 and get the #Lockboss Icon Sleeve Tee for FREE when you add it to your cart*
*Spend $389.99 and get the #Lockboss Icon Sleeve Tee for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Helping People, It's what Locksmiths Do!

Helping People, It's what Locksmiths Do!

Something that was absolutely amazing was we posted asking locksmiths what their favorite part of the job was. When I was reading through the responses this weekend, I was absolutely impressed and grateful. I was like, “You know what? We need to share these.” It’s because so much of what you guys do are always on the negative end of things. What we hear is customers aren't happy and it's tough and all these other things. And so, I think it'd be fun just to share some of the comments and talk about them a little bit.


Very awesome. All right, how about that? So, you know, I tell you what, people who are part of this community, are part of the lockboss community, people who are locksmiths, people who work with locks and keys, you are my type of people. I tell you what, loving your job and the work that you do to help other people is amazing. Let's give them all snaps. I mean, work is not always the best situation. Right? Maybe there's some sort of divorce or you went to the grocery store to buy groceries, and next thing you know you have a two-to-four-hundred-dollar bill to get a new car key because you lost it. A lot of times the situations that we find ourselves have been helping other people in at that time are not ideal, right? We've talked a lot about this. And the fact that the majority of you love being able to help those people out is amazing. It even brings up when we have done the safety series and make sure that we're safe on the job, so we can get home to our loved ones. One of the themes that I always see in the comments is that we almost feel a little bit of guilt for turning down a job because it may not be a good situation. It goes to show how good the people are who work with locks and keys. And I know that a lot of times, you don't get to hear that incredibly often. And so, I wanted to say thank you to you all who do the work, whether it's just cutting keys, rekeying locks, or making keys. Maybe you work as a full-time locksmith or a part-time locksmith, or you work at a university; thank you for doing the work that you do that helps keep our communities safe, and keeps people doing what they need to do. Thank you very much. Awesome to see the comments. Honestly, it was just amazing to read them. So, thank you all.



Or when you find that debit card you put on the top of a shelf 3 years later...


"Thank you @clk_supplies for the awesome #lockboss gear! It will absolutely come in handy!" -_joepicks

Looks like you got some good stuff in there. My favorite part of the picture is that torn package of MOTT’S fruit snacks. It says someone already had a little treat! Oh, that's good. All right. Joepicks, thanks for sending that in. Very cool.


"Thank you all, I really appreciate the great service I receive and the contributions to the locksmith community." - Carl L. at Lockworks Lock & Key

Carl, honestly, thank you for that. I do appreciate that. I also appreciate all the business you've given us over the years as well as being here contributing in the comments. I sincerely appreciate that.



Oh, I will absolutely love it, Curto locknkey. Oh my gosh, that's good. Kylie actually picks the comment of the week and I absolutely love the fact she picked that one. Good word, Kylie. That is good.

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