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Extract a Broken Key with the HPC EZ-5 Key Extractor | Video

Extract a Broken Key with the HPC EZ-5 Key Extractor

Locksmiths usually have to deal with broken keys. The HPC EZ-5 spiral Key Extractor is a great tool to rely on when working on this problem.

The HPC EZ-5 spiral Key Extractor has a metal bar with spirals on it that help to grip the key. The pattern is set so twisting the extractor pulls the jammed object up, which is great for key extraction.

The second part of this tool is the pressed on brass handle, which is great when you need to get a little aggressive as it makes it easier for locksmiths to clamp on a pair of vise grips.

There are typically two reasons why a lock has a broken key in it. On the one hand, the key has become worn right around the shoulder over time: maybe there’s a cut there or the lock doesn’t turn over very well, the lock is frozen or gummed up and, over time, as you go to turn the key it is going to eventually just break off. On the other hand, a broken key can occur when a wrong key is jammed into the lock and tried to be forced over and it breaks.

Now, using a spiral key extractor as the HPC EZ-5 is ideal for situations in which the key has just broken off and not when a key has been jammed in the lock because that is going to require quite a bit of force to get it out.

To begin with, you should examine the keyway and try to find the grooves of the key. Try to attack the key in a grove that is open. Go ahead and stick in the spiral extractor. It’s fairly easy to get down there as far as you can. Push in on the side in order to leverage the extractor against the key to try to grip it and get it pulled out. Keep trying different angles while twisting the extractor until the broken key finally comes out. It’s important that you put pressure against the key as you’re twisting it with the spiral extractor.

Its that easy. If you are looking to get your own HPC EZ-5 Spiral Key Extractor, we've got you covered.

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