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*Spend $432.10 and get the #Lockboss Premier Polo for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Installing a Pin Saber Adapter to Your Programmer

Don't make this $300 mistake with your Programming Machine!

Here's a quick and simple little product that will save you over $300 in repair costs, let alone the downtime of not having your machine while it's getting repaired. Although I will be going over the SmartPRO as an example, this applies to all devices that use a pin port-style adapter. We all know that when you go and program a vehicle, you take the cable, plug the end into the OBD 2 port, and the other end into your machine.


Typically, we are careful when I'm installing it. We program a key to a vehicle, but afterward, you're usually ripping this out real quick, and that's a problem; it damages the pins. And when any of these little pins got damage, the machine isn't going to be able to connect to the vehicle through the cable, and you're going to send it in for repair. A repair costs over $300, not to mention the downtime because you need to send your machine to get the port repaired.

 SmartPro Key Programmer

With every machine sold, a pin saber adapter is included; the part number is ADC 2002. So for some reason, you don't have one or the one you have eventually broken; you can purchase this separately. What does this do? It's going to put a buffer between the machine and the pins to keep programming keys.

 pin saber adapter


Here's how to install a pin saber adapter to these types of machines that will save you from frustration. Start taking the pin saber adapter and push it down at the top of the pins.

 How to install a pin saber adapter into your key programmer

Once done, take a screwdriver and tighten it down. They come with the thumb things you can install, but I'd instead use a screwdriver to install it.

 How to install a pin saber adapter into your key programmer

Just like that, it took under two minutes to install. We're now protected from $300 repair costs that are not needed and the downtime. So, if you have one of these machines or a machine that uses pins, let's make sure we get these pin adapters installed. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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