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*Spend $389.99 and get the #Lockboss Icon Sleeve Tee for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Cutting Honda Keys... Friend or Foe?

Cutting Honda Keys... Friend or Foe?

So if you work with automotive locks and keys, it's practically impossible to avoid Honda high-security keys. Now for a bunch of different reasons, well, you're going to deal with a lot of them. There are a lot of breakages, there's a lot of wear, and it can be a great moneymaker for you but part of that is making sure you have a good machine to not only cut by code but to duplicate Honda high-security keys. So what we're going to do today is I'm going to take you through a walkthrough with the Triton Plus, it has some amazing features to help you with Honda high security. Now make sure you watch towards the end because I'm going to show you a cool feature that you're going to wish you had a long time ago.


On the main menu, select ‘Automobile’ and type Honda. Pick Civic 2020 as model and click on the series.


Click ‘Decode.’ The proper decoder and cutter will be displayed. The decoder and cutter can be adjusted.


Open up the shield, blur the spots and then install the key on the second line as displayed. Once the key is installed, close the shield and decode.


Remember: While decoding it is important to watch and make sure that it’s hitting the proper spots.


Once the decoding is complete, take your blank key and install it properly.


Visit the screen and adjust some settings like speed, cut depth, and cutter according to your preference. Once you are all set, hit ‘Cut.’


Once a side is done, take out the key and flip it. Clean the surface of the jaw to dodge some problems. Hit ‘Cut’ again.


Once done, brush the key on the buffer wheel and test it out on the Honda ignition.


If you want to duplicate the key, go to ‘Trace Duplication.’


Scroll down to the very bottom and you’ll see Honda. There are Side A and Side B and it cuts it at an angle, which I find very cool.


That's another option on how this key can be done. The more options you have available, the better it is for you.


Depending on the wear of the key, it is practically impossible to cut it properly. After all, the webbing on the sides of the keys is not enough to grip and cutting it might lead to all sorts of problems. So having that ability is the first time I've seen it on a machine and I think it's an absolute winner. It’s a relief to have that tool in your tool belt when dealing with Honda high-security. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you next time.

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