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Cutting a Tubular Key On the Ilco Tubular Key Duplicator | Video

Today we’re going to talk about how to cut a tubular key using the Ilco 009B tubular key duplicator. This machine is designed to cut the most common kind of tubular key, which is also known as the mid-sized, 137B, or 1137S key depending upon the manufacturer. These kinds of keys usually have seven or eight cuts along the key. 

Tubular keys have become much more popular in recent years, being found on bike locks, motorcycle ignitions, alarm panel locks, vending machine locks, and padlocks to name a few examples. 

You’ll be glad to hear it is a simple process to duplicate a tubular key. We’ll go over how to do it so you can have the confidence in learning how to do it:

How To Cut A Tubular Key on the Ilco Tubular Key Duplicator 

Take the key you want to duplicate, and place it into the end of your duplicator. Push it all the way in until it stops (Image #1). Move the shield of the duplicator out of the way, and then place the blank key into the spring-loaded hole in the center of the duplicator. The key and the hole should self-align as you get it all the way in. Lock it in for a moment and bring up the aligner piece to ensure it’s in properly.

Cutting a tubular key

Turn the machine on, and then turn the first key (the key that you want to duplicate). Slide it slowly into the bar located right above the key. Don’t get too fast to the point that you will put unwarranted stress upon the cutter.

Using the Ilco tubular key duplicator

You may want to go back through and repeat the above process to make sure that all of the cuts are good.

Shut off the duplicator and move the shield out of the way. Be careful when removing the new key because the hole it’s in is spring loaded. Loosen the collar up around it and then remove the key.

Test it out in your lock, and it should fit in perfectly and be good to go.

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