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Cut Best Keys with this Lightning Fast Machine

When it comes to key machines, you always want to make sure you're buying ones that you can lean on to get the job done, and this machine right here is no different. 


By looking at this machine, you can tell that it looks similar to another machine, right? If you think Framon, you are correct. This is the KX-1 Framon machine. If the Framon 2 is like a Swiss army knife, the KX-1 is like a carving knife. We need to get in there, get some stuff carved out, and you don't want to mess around with it; you want your car to be friendly, and that's what this KX-1 is. It's the perfect blend between a manual punch machine and a fully automatic electric code machine. So, if you work with a high volume of the same type of key, looking at the KX-1, I tell you what, you will not be disappointed. 

 KX-1 Framon Key Machine


Let's say you have a high volume of keys for SFIC, but you also have a high volume for a standard Schlage C key, the beauty of this machine is you can buy the attachments. There are just a few of them (Medeco Biaxial, Medeco M3, or even Sargent), and you can convert this machine from an SFIC to a Schlage in a few simple, quick steps. On top of that, you get the Framon quality. And if you've used Framon key machines, you know their stuff is the best.


Before we get started, let's go over everything quickly and ensure we're on the same page on how it works here. We have our space knob; it will tell us our space. Space number one is closest to the tip of the key. Down here, we have our depth knob. Turn it according to the depth we need. And, of course, to cut, grab onto the lever. It's like the trigger.

 KX-1 Key Machine by Framon

Back off down the side is the buffing wheel. You can buff the key after you have duplicated it. These two levers will change the angle of the cutting wheel depending on what type of key you cut.

 Using the Framon Key Machine


I will be cutting an SFIC key, so this machine is set up for SFIC A2. The tolerances have to be good and well, and we want to get the key cut quickly. And any opportunity I have to use the Framon SFIC jaw it's impressive. It's the same one that they use on the Framon 2 machines; it's great. 

Now, of course, we're cutting an SFIC G keyway, so we'll keep the cutter straight. I also prepared the key bitting and the cylinder. It's because what's the fun to cut a key without testing it to see if it works.

 Cutting a SFIC key using the Framon Key Machine

Get the key put; turn on the machine. Run the first space and move to the first depth, a four. Proceed to the succeeding space and depth.

 Framon Key Machine

Once done, buff the key and try it on the cylinder.

 Key Cutting with the Framon Key Cutting Machine

Now, is that an awesome machine or what? I am super impressed with it, and I tell you what, if you do a high volume of the same type of key, whether it's Best, Schlage, or Medeco, having that machine is a time saver. Remember, you can always buy additional attachments to do different types of keys. On average, they take about $450 to change the key type. I'd love to know what you think in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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