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CRAZY 3-Wheel Locksmithing Van Build

For many years, the lock father has always talked about getting three-wheeled vehicles and then turning them into a locksmithing van. Is it possible? Find out what is his plans with a quick tour into the vehicle!

PJ: My first question is, what makes you want one of these?

Pete: Well, it's unusual. And once you leather it up, people are going to look, it's all about the advertisement, and as a kid, my first vehicle was one of these. I drove one to high school.

PJ: Interesting. What year - what exactly are we looking at?

Pete: This is a 1963 Westcoaster Mailster. It used to be used in the post office.

 1963 Westcoaster Mailster - Yellow

PJ: I am curious, how much does it cost?

Pete: Well, the guy wanted $8000, and I said no way because I'm cheap. I got it for $4200.

PJ: Good stuff. Do you plan to use this just like in parades, for advertisements, or do you plan to use this as a service vehicle?

Pete: All of the above, going to use it for everything. We're going to put a Flash, mobile battery-operated, a pinning kit, and the likes. We'll probably work outside when it's nice, but primarily for lockouts and parades. Because the whole thing is, you got to get advertisements. This is the best advertisement, and you own it. Instead of throwing hundreds of dollars,1000s of dollars away a month. You get it done this way.

PJ: Absolutely. So now, do you have some of your team members like asking to drive this around?

Pete: Absolutely.

PJ: Well, hey, you know what? Can you give us a quick little tour of what it looks like now? Aside from the leathered up, you haven't touched this since you bought it?

Pete: Yeah. This is a 1963 Mailster Westcoaster. You got your steering wheel, of course, the engines underneath your seat. The gear shifts under, it's three on the three, but it's underneath. You got a place to put a stereo or your two-way communication radio. It has an air conditioner; it's called a fan. The rear-view mirror, some side mirrors. Ready to rock and roll as soon as I get the stickers on.

 1963 Westcoaster Mailster - Interior

The back has the little T-handle, and you got quite a bit of room in here. So you can put some tools, a Flash battery operated. It would work great. Put a box of keys in.

 1963 Westcoaster Mailster turned into a Locksmith Van

PJ: Excited to see what you end up doing with it, and we'll do a part two when this is all race-ready.

Pete: It'd be awesome. You get good attention. Like I say, people go, "Wow, look at that!" and they're going to remember the name on it.

PJ: Yes. This brings me to my last question. What is the name?

Pete: I haven't named it.

PJ: You haven't?

Pete: No, your mom calls it The Stinger. You know, like a yellow jacket.

PJ: Okay, good stuff. So hey, I guess the question is, is what we should name this? Should we call it The Stinger, or do you have another name? We would love to know in the comments below, and before we get too far, can I take this for a spin?

Pete: Sure

PJ: Is this thing cool or what? I would love to know what you think of this new service vehicle my Dad picked up in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

 The #LockBoss and #LockFather

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