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CLK Supplies: Locksmithing 101 | Re-keying locks? Don't make this mistake!

Hey this is PJ with CLK supplies and I want to go over a common locksmithing mistake when rekeying apartment complexes, office buildings, or anyplace that has numerous doors and people using it…. REMOVING EXISTING MASTER PINS!

Always check for existing master pins. It is very important when rekeying or master keying existing locks that you check for existing master pins to avoid cross keying and other security issues.

The proper way to rekey the cylinder is to make sure you check for existing master pins by using a Pro-Lok master pin follower, part number LT370. This particular pin follower is designed to remove all master pins while keeping the top pins intact, saving you a ton of time.

Pro Lock Master Pin Follower

To use the Pro Lok, remove the lock plug by aligning the tool with the key plug and push out. 

Removing the lock cylinder

Set the plug to the side. Just like a normal follower, slide the pro lock through the base and you’ll see the master pins collect in the Pro-Lok tool. I also advise you to twist the Pro-Lok pin follower a few times to ensure all master pins are collected.

Removing master pins with the Pro Lock Follower

Rock the follower back and forth to ensure all master pins are collected.

As you can see, the top pins remain in the base of the lock after removing the master pins.

The top pins remain in the lock

Once you have removed the master pins, simply twist the follower and push back through the base of the lock where the follower was inserted. You can now line up the key plug with the Pro-Lok follower and push it back in the chamber/base to remove the follower.

By following these steps, you will know with certainty that all the existing master pins are removed from the lock.

Again, make sure to avoid this major mistake by checking for existing master pins. The Pro-Lok L3T70 will make this task much easier by providing certainty and simplicity in removing existing master pins.

Purchase the L3T70 Master Pin Follower.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. You can view and share the full video for this post on YouTube here:

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