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CLK - How To Get It Done Locksmith Tips - Knifing Technique | Video

Impressioning is one of the most rewarding and satisfying skills in the locksmithing world today. Having the ability to take a blank key, stick it in a locked lock, and to be able to look at the marks on the key, and then file down that key to get it to work is simply a great life skill to have.

The problem is that many people are struggling with impressioning. They have a difficult time whether they’re looking at a mark or dust, and aren’t quite sure. As a result, it’s easy to lose your confidence in impressioning when you’re having a hard time. Fortunately, there is a simple technique that you can do to the key in the preparing stage of impressioning that will drastically improve your odds to impress a key and give you confidence going forward.

How To Impression A Key - Knifing Technique

What we’re going to do is called ‘knifing’ a key. This means at the top of the key, we’re going to put it in at a sharp edge that’s going to help us to identify when we see a mark.

If you have a wheel grinder, such as a stationary one on a workbench, it’s really quick to use when impressing a key. Otherwise, a round file or a flat file works too, but it will take longer and be more difficult.

It’s important to file down at an angle by tilting the key, and to not file straight down. Stay close to the shoulder, but do not file the shoulder in either. Repeat this with both sides of the key.

knifing a key for impressioning  Knifing a key with hand file
After filing the angles, turn the key upside down and begin to file with a round file one way on the flat underside of the key. Continue to file in one direction until the flat underside of the key becomes very shiny.
  Using a round file to knife a key for impressioning
This will take a few minutes for you to complete, and while it may seem tiring, the truth is that the above steps make it much easier to view marks on the key later, which will make it easier for you to impress.

Proceed to put your key in the lock that you need the key for, and move the key up and down to great some good impressioning marks.

Withdraw the key from the lock to take a look at it, there should be marks clearly visible on the key that will make it easier to impression the key later.

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