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*Spend $392.29 and get the #Lockboss 24/7 Tumbler for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Clamp Adapter for Cutting Double Sided Keys

Clamp Adapter for Cutting GM Double Sided Keys like the B86

A clamp adapter that will give you the best cut is the GM double-sided key adapter. These look like they're pretty much two bent wire pieces, and they're a little different than the other adapters.

 clamp adapter for cutting double sided keys

And here's how they work.

In this example, I'm going to cut a B86 key, and these types of keys do not have a lot of material to always clamp on the bottom, which causes many problems, especially with a 10-cut key like this. When it's in there, and you're cutting it, it's easy for it to flip up, flip out and ruin the key.

 cutting a B86 key blank

And to answer that, you need these little adapters. To use it, open up the jaw big enough, so you can slide it in. And as you can see, right here on the bottom left, we want it just to sit right up here on and close it a little bit the groove.

So when you go and clamp the key, this metal rod will be sitting right there in the groove on the backside as you the key using a tip stop. Then, clamped it down.

 Cutting a double sided key

Although it takes a little bit to get used to because it's a different type of clamp, it makes sense once you start using it. Install the other one on the right side using the same step mentioned above.

Once they're sitting lovely and perfect, we can cut problem-free.

 Using a clamp adapter for cutting B86 key

That's how you use these GM Double-Sided Key adapters for the B86-B89, B91 style of keyways. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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