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Cheap Deadbolt Installation Kit | Locksmith Tool or Trash? Real Reviews...

Talking about an inexpensive installation jig and getting honest reviews from our volunteer lock bosses.

Remember that this is just an entry-level installation jig, not a $27 that works beautifully for the next decade. It is a starter jig perfect for your installation jigs offer or a backup installation jig if you won't do it often. These reviews could help you decide whether you should get it or not. Here you go!



'With this jig, I mean, it is what it is. In its class, I would probably say a decent jig. If you're going to do a tremendous amount of deadbolts, I won't buy this jig. I would spend anywhere between three and $500 on a good jig. But for $25.99, the truth is you really cannot go wrong with this.' – locksny

'The two-sided design was nice and appeared to align pretty well.' – Kevin Bacon

'After pulling this out and looking at it here, it seems to be fairly well made. It is good and heavy-duty plastic here. It has an adjustable, removable plate that you can move around to adjust for the door thickness. You also have an adjustable backset for this. Depending on how deep you want, you can pull it out and put it for either two and three-eighths or a two- and three-quarter inch backset. Looks to be good, really well made.' – John Falk


'Real secure that plastic not going to sit nice on the wood door like the ones that have the pads on them, the grip, the wood. This thing down pretty darn hard; I'm not too fond of that. But yeah, here we go. Yes, it slips. It slips an awful lot. Grade too it fast, probably grade three hardware folks are going to put on their home, I bet this will do just fine.' – Adrian Holley


'I was a bit concerned it would come loose while drilling the holes, but it held up perfectly.' – Ryan Butcher

Those are honest reviews from real people who install deadbolts. Now that you've seen those reviews, I want to know if it is something you're considering now but before you weren't or is it something you were thinking and now you aren't? Let us know!

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