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Buying a Safe on #Facebook to #Flip for #Profit

Hey there, fellow locksmiths and key enthusiasts! Today, I’m diving into a delightful and profitable adventure that unfolded on a rainy Saturday, featuring the 'lock father', his kids, and a couple of safes. If you’re into locksmithing, safes, and flipping items for profit, stick around – this one’s for you!

The Hunt for Safes: A Rainy Day Excursion

  • Background: The lock father, along with his kids, set out on a journey to pick up a couple of safes he found.
  • Types of Safes: One was a drop safe, and the other, a large Sentry safe.

The Art of the Deal: Snagging Safes for $50 Each

  • Purchase Price: Both safes were acquired for just $50 each.
  • Resale Potential: Estimated resale price ranges between $299 to $400.

The Journey: Loading, Transportation, and Disappointments

  • Missing Safe: Unfortunately, one of the safes (the drop safe) was missing upon arrival, the most valuable one! 

Profit Calculations and the Joy of the Craft

  • Profit Expectations: Despite the hiccup, the lock father anticipated a neat $200 profit from the venture.
  • Opening Challenges: A lost combination wasn’t a deterrent, thanks to skills in manipulation and key-making.

Family Ties: Labor Costs and Soda Shop Treats

  • Family Assistance: The lock father’s kids helped with the heavy lifting, embodying the spirit of family business.
  • Compensation: Payment for the day’s work? A pretzel and a dirty soda – plus a delightful visit to Target!

Reflections and the Essence of Locksmithing

  • Family Bonding: The trip wasn’t just about safes; it was about spending quality time with family, echoing past experiences.
  • ROI and Life Lessons: Though the ROI (Return on Investment) might have been impacted by the family outing, the life experience was invaluable.

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