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AMA with the LockFather

Another week to showcase the posts of the week, comment of the week and ask me anything with the Lock Father. Open up a bottle of Topo Chico and let’s have some fun.


"Got my winning to day and love every thing! the lock caddy will be pretty handy and I might have to get more to help me organize some of my favorite locks! Thank you! #LockBoss" - Dana R.

That's good stuff. Yeah, we'll see the map. We see it a lot, caddy, big bro, and Lockboss Beanie. Good stuff there. Dana, thanks for sending that in.


We got a post from cam lock Smith. Dad, we'll take a look at that. You see that there's a right-left-handed screwdriver for 3.99. And a right-handed screwdriver for 1.99 helps the difference tell you tell me what the difference is between the two of them.

Pete: I'd say there's nothing just because left-handed people do make left-handed drills and stuff. But it's just another gimmick to take more of your money unless there's something that I can't see.

PJ: Do you think so? Oh, yeah. So now, if you were sitting in a store and saw those two sitting there, would you immediately know they're just screwing with you? Or would you be like, Hey, let me see these things

Pete: With a screwdriver. There's no difference at all. That's ridiculous. Make two bucks more. I'm a lefty.

PJ: I think it's good.

Pete: Because you're young. And

PJ: you heard it here first, folks

Pete: know what, you know?

"All keys lost. Made a mechanical key and it started the van (2020 no transponder). Also popped his Master puck locks off. This vest is great for nighttime work." - Brian M. BCM Locksmith

She has that lock boss vest on. That's cool, Brian, along with your lock washer underneath it. Good stuff, and I hope that you are doing well.



That's music to my ears. Right music to my ears. Hey, Thanks, Robert. Appreciate that. Yeah, I'm curious, Dad; let's talk about that for a minute. It's on the Triton. You'll see the video we put the key. Don't tell it anything. Is that the trace it right and duplicate it? I mean, what do you know? Of course, in that example, you know, it wasn't why 11 key? Right, just the basic Why 11. You can easily duplicate with the duplicator. But the point of the video, but first? Is that you know, it doesn't have to see the info. Right. What do you think about that feature?

Pete: Well, For a guy like me whose dislikes would be great. Yeah. I mean, there are pros and cons to that stuff. Yeah.

PJ: Agreed. All right. Let's see here. All right, so let's do some ask me. Anything's here. So go ahead and send your questions in, and in the meantime, Dad, So Phil was saying what? They had carpal tunnel surgery. You're out sick for a while.

Pete: Stop for a week. Had that go for you. Just cough a hack. That was about it. Okay, for 24 hours. It's like that. I'm just glad, I mean, get it banned.

PJ: Yeah. That's mom, is she good? She said

Pete: No, she didn't get sick. Now cool.


PJ: So let's get going on to how his work has business.

Pete: Things all seem like all our big jobs hit at one time? You know, we did all these quotes. And now they're all happening. So we're pretty busy. Okay. One hundred three keys at reading keys. You know, master key. Yeah. La electrics strikes. You know, bottle electric steel. What's the electric clock? You guys felt can still count steel. I was calling it steel. Yeah, we saw a lot of those. Okay, so yeah, a lot of everything. Cool. We're not doing as much residential stuff. Okay, you know, more commercial-type stuff. Right? But it's, you know, it's still there. We do it but not as much as we used to. Yeah.

PJ: How have gas prices been for?

Pete: You? Horrible. We've had to keep raising the price, you know?

PJ: Yeah. What dollar amount? Have you increased the total now before gas started getting crazy?

Pete: Well, our trip charges are 45 bucks more than 59 75 minimum. And it goes up, you know, we go down 100 and some odd miles like 300 and some odd dollars.

PJ: Okay, you know, let me ask. I just got a text in here from Kylie with a question from James Estep. How's it going, James? He says, what is your minimum service call in your area with a high price if you'll

Pete: Suddenly find a $75.

PJ: Which you've always called trip charge, right? It's kind of

Pete: I used to call it a service call. But a customer argued with me and didn't perform any service. I said, Yes, I drove here. That's part of the service. So we change it to trip charge. Okay. And nobody's ever complaining. I mean, they still complain. Yeah.

PJ: How are customers on the phone? Like, are they okay with the price?

Pete: Routes? You know, our minimum lockouts at dollar 75 for the trip and five bucks and lock, it should be. It should be a lot more than that because of the liability. But people don't have the money. Yeah. And they complain that that and I don't blame him. I mean, it's a lot of money. But if we're going to go, you know, between, you know, your payroll, and

PJ: That’s what. Okay, yeah. Tell me what, when I was doing unlocks and stuff right back in the day, what? 35 bucks? 35? That's what I thought. Yeah. 35 to 80. Yeah. I mean, not all in a day.

Pete: Minimum lockout at night. After 520 rattling, it goes up later.

PJ: It'd be just such a bummer if you think about it, so you go to the grocery store. Yeah. You are going in there to get some cottage cheese.

Pete: It's frustrating because you spent all that money. Yes. Then you like your keys? Yeah.

PJ: $80. You know, I mean, it's a reality. But

Pete: It's unfortunate because I keep saying, Man, I wouldn't pay that. I would replace a window. Yeah. Everybody says, well, I'll just break a window where you'll pay a lot more than that. Plus the labor. Yeah. But no, things have been great. Yeah. Such compliance.

PJ: Alright, next question. From New House locking key. What are the top five automotive Lishi picks?

Pete: I think I think I don't use a lot of Lishi picks. Yeah, I mean, we do for the residential. But commercial

PJ: Women are happy with that one.

Pete: Yeah, I think it's the Toyota. Lease. Yeah, I don't know the name. Yeah, the number. And there's a Nissan one, I believe. Yep. Woodlock likes using those. And Brian.

PJ: Yeah, well, I'm going to seek it. I mean, I know it's not a fun answer, but it can kind of vary in your area. But for sure, for sure. You know, your H 75. Ford. Lishi Oh, yeah. Right, your B 106. Lee, she's going to be good. We're looking at the Honda, the h2o 01 or 03. Right, that blade was out for I mean, we're looking at the HU 100. I mean, I guess a better way to answer it, too, because I also rattle them off here but is the top if you look at the top 10 Key list automotive key. You look at the top five high-security automotive keys that are going to give you the top 15 total and based on the keys you're already buying or kind of help you do that. Still, II want to let's talk about a little bit more for a second though because they like a good a better way to think of it is this if you're going to be using those tools there's a few things you also have to have you're going to in all keys loss type situation right you're going to have to have a programmer that can program that type of vehicle. You also have to have a key machine that can cut that type of vehicle so the based on those facts right like maybe Honda or let's use a different let's use like Ford for example the HU one a one or the GM H 100. I can on those if you don't have a programmer or a machine that can cut them well, then obviously you're not going to want those but yeah, see some people in the notes there's they

Pete: Do them all, you know, all the automotive Yeah, the only ones we don't do where Mercedes Beamer and Volkswagen because I'm too cheap to buy the program and stuff

PJ: Yeah, yeah. See here lock someone says one of these days I hope to be a locksmith. Come on. Why come on now? Come on now.

Pete: But you know, we do a lot of code cutting, you know, Instead of ripping, picking, and stuff, if it's just a lockout, that's a piece of cake. You see, we have the tools to do that. But if we need to make a key, I'd instead call the dealer, and a lot of dealers don't give them to you anymore, but we've got good relationships with a lot of the dealers. Were they given to us still?

PJ: Yeah, yep. Okay, um, yeah, well, I think we've hammered, you know, over the


Different stuff like that. Yeah, like the key

PJ: Codes, the pros, the cons. I've seen less talk about like the code Smith versus the locksmith, which is good, right? Because there's a place for everything.

Pete: Because once you unlock a Toyota, you take off the passenger door lock, and there's one little screw. Yeah. And there's the code. Yeah. DREW.

PJ: Okay, got more questions here. I'm trying to find the bottom of it. Okay. When did you decide to hire employees? Business has been good, but I'm now ready to exchange money for personal time, family and goals. How did you go about it? From William, thanks for that comment. Yeah,

Pete: Well, yeah, um, well, you have to make sure you have enough income to pay for your time is essential with your family. Because when you own the business, the business sort of own G. So you do have to take that time for your family. I always took my kids with me. You know, but once you feel you can make enough to pay for an employee, you got the workman's comp insurance. If you're offering benefits, you have to train them. It takes a little while, but I probably did it all within two years of being in business once I got a retail store, okay. You had to because mom would come and sit when you were a little kid. And then I go, well, that doesn't work. So we got to hire somebody. Back then, it was cheap, but putting workers comp and all the taxes, you know, gets expensive. Yeah. So hopefully, that helps you, William.

PJ: And let's dive into the last part of that question a little more. How did it go?

Pete: Not always.

PJ: And that's the reality. I mean, I don't care what anybody says. But like, that's the real, or I do care that people say, but that's a fundamental point. And

Pete: I need to go. Yeah, it depends. You know, you want to hire somebody who's mechanically inclined, and I've hired a couple of people would happen, and they've worked out well. But you know, you have to look for a go-getter.

PJ: Yeah. Okay. So let's rewind a mandrel. This is many years ago, okay. But when you hired your first staff member, how long did they last?

Pete: Six months.

PJ: Okay, the second one, how long? And how long do they last? A week? You either of them? Did they have them like you at the end of their employment?

Pete: Well, yeah, they all like they did. Yeah. But I'm pretty mellow with everybody. But I also was a lot more forceful when I was aggressive. Yes. Aggressive. Yeah. So you know, you said dude, you have to do it or a gal, whoever, you know, you just got to do it. I showed you 20 times. Now you got to try.

PJ: Yeah. Okay, so you went from how'd you feel? Six months. They quit. And then you're like, I just put all this time in. I could finally do some jobs and allow them to cut some keys

Pete: Or go hang out with the family on the weekend. Yeah, and

PJ: Then now, the next one doesn't go well. And even

Pete: Today, the same thing. Yeah, you know, like Kid locks has been with me for 20 years. He's like four or five of them been with me for 15 years or more. Yeah, a lot of 10 years, but you must treat your employees with respect. Many people had noticed when I was working for somebody, not as a locksmith that treats you like garbage, and that's not how you should treat people. Now, as I always say, treat people you want to be treated. Yeah. So hopefully, that helps.

PJ: Thanks. Oh, all right, next question. Here we go. This one's from reliable lock and key and we'll do a few more going and set him in real quick we're going to get on to the five lucky winners this week. Because one of you is going to be winning that Silca swift machine it's

Pete: Not going to be me not going to be you

PJ: Go so on a re-key or the ad RE-KEYmaster key job, did you charge an hourly on top of each price per cylinder?

Pete: Yes, you did because I tend to guys. Can one guy is r&r removing and replacing can the other one's just king Amma cap. So yes, I always charge for our on a large job like that. I never even know the smaller ones which They'll do we charge labour, take a lock off the door, you didn't know if it's walk up, Flake, turn the key, pop it off and go on your way. We still charge a little labour, but not a whole lot. Okay, but if you physically got to take the lock off the door, like a sergeant, you know,

PJ: Okay, one that's not basic, like going to a commercial type of applications that you're saying are not like a slick F series?

Pete: Well, yes, because you can pop the knobs off levers. But you know, if there's a bunch of them, we will still be charged from labour. Okay, so on this? Remember, rekeying is just for rekeying. It's not your time to take stuff off. Okay. Yeah. And I remember that if they walk into your store, you're charging them the same thing in their hand. And well -

PJ: I was going to say, so I remember back in the day, we would have a lot of debates on the fact that someone walks into your shop, hands, you two KWIKSET. That needs to be rekeyed. And or you go out to a job, and you have to go to the door, take it all apart, bring it back. And like, what's the difference? Really?

Pete: That's why, yeah. And now the bigger we are we got more expensive. And unfortunately, you got to, you know, try to get as much labour as you can to pay employees. Yeah. Because they're expensive

PJ: Now. Yep. All right.

Pete: Julie that answers your question.

PJ: Yeah, I think so. So you did both. And I think the bigger picture on that, too, with the ad RE-KEY master key job was that there's a lot when you do a master key job in particular, but especially a larger one. There are there's some work that goes into it before you even get on the

Pete: Job. And you got to cut all the keys. He got all the keys. Just charge for the keys. Yep. And you have to set up the system. And we used to blame the system. Now. We keep the system. We own this system. We don't charge for this reference, right? Yeah. For us. Never give it to the customer. Yeah, um,

PJ: So you have all that you're stamping the keys system set up, trying to keep in mind any curveball, you know, it is like there's the master key job before you get there. And then there's the master key job after you get there. And they're never the same. No, right. And so when you set up the system, you have to try to account for many

Pete: Variables, right? Plus, you want to cut, you know, you have 80 keys, you always put 150 in your system. So if they wish you to rekey a door, you don't want to pull one out of the air. You want to keep it on the system. Yeah, keep records of it. And that's

PJ: Not the thing, you only have to do one or two of those before, you know,

Pete: You know, without other locksmiths saying, Well, I'm doing their work. And can you give me their chart? Well, no, that's the reason we keep them. Yeah, because that's for our work, but it's nobody else's.

PJ: I want to you know, another question about this, that I'm curious, probably people who are watching might be interested as well. But when you did the ad, rekey master key job, did you have competition when you bid it? Remember? Do you get nervous? Like, do you feel like since there's the ad, you need to start giving this town?

Pete: A go? I used to come, but because again, payroll? You know, all that stuff is? Bizarre. Yeah, it's

PJ: Almost like the weird part is on an ad rekey, Kid walks, and I always used to bust them out together. Right? And the odd part is, is that like when you start getting over 1015 locks, I mean, depending on the situation, it becomes more work and more time consuming due to the planning, the setup and all of that and so giving a discount on something that's going to take longer,

Pete: But we do a lot of apartment buildings with the three layers, you know, three stories. Well, you have to run up, run-down, run everywhere. That's where he's most. My guys are feminine.

 PJ: That's funny. Okay, let's keep going here. Um, is there a complete set of lishi pics from Joseph Leonard? Um, yes, there is. You can see him on our website. However, I mean, unless you think you want to utilize all of them. I would. I would just start with the ones you know you need and build as you find a need for them because there's nothing worse than paying for, you know, a 40 $50 thing sitting there. In the case on the shelf that you're never going to use. Would you agree?

Pete: Yeah. Because you want your money to work. The tools you buy. You want them to work for you, not against you. I purchased a key machine I've only used twice. I've always wanted one. And I was willing to spend the five or six grand for, but I have it if I run across the blue keys. Yeah.

PJ: All right, last question. So what is the best way to get a new client this from our friend Chris at lock job?

Pete: Well, Chris, I used when things were slow; I went door to door commercial-wise and said, Hey, here's my card. Need something are not happy with who you is. And I'm available? Yeah, I put a lot of, you know, walking, you know, or driving to different

PJ: School, and what's your code word? Do you have a comment you like to use when doing this type of art?

Pete: No, I call it us like the hustle the customer, just me to hustle, go. Yeah, but I -

PJ: I remember when you know, I want to have a job or something to do. Oh, you'd be like, then get out there and hustle.

Pete: That's it. And you can do it. Your employees can do it. We used to be able to put door hangers-on. Yeah, and if we were dead, I'd send the guys out with a stack of door hangers and, you know, a discount for a deadbolt and a viewer, yes. On mini-app. Yeah. You have to try different stuff all the time. Yeah, but now most of those are illegal to do. Yeah. Because our society, you know,

PJ: I know. I mean, you know, you send them kids out like me to do it made it illegal. Yeah. They're like, what's this weirdo walking?

Pete: That's what I get. Weird. You know, Chris, you, you know, if you're using property management, go to them. I try to get new builders all the time. And I have a letter, and my cards are stopped by home. I can create a system for your comp subcontractors to add one key. One will fifth every house you build. But as soon as the owner puts their key in and locks it, it locks it. Yeah. That keys out. Yeah, the construction key. Right. Yeah. But the master is the master key, but most of the time, we don't because of that. Yeah, that you can, you know, it's safer. The customer will feel safe. Buying their new home, you know? Yeah. New homes are expensive. Yeah. 

PJ: I think the big thing with what you're talking about is yes. Like, in today's world, in today's day and age, anyone can buy any piece of hardware they want. Right, right. It's easy. It's easy in today's world. I mean, you can see, it just is

Pete: Where people go, Oh, here I bought the hardware. Yeah, well, this wasn't going to work.

PJ: There was that point. But I think the more significant point you're talking about when you're going to these builders is that you're not like, hey, I can provide this lock like everybody else. You're saying, "Hey, I can make how you deal with hard more convenient for you. Right?

Pete: Without A Box of keys without a box of keys. Because you know, my brother had a house built to put down the house key in a little electrical box and on the outside and said, Oh, if you want to see, you got to take the key out electrical box. Well, that means all the subcontractors now. I'm not saying they're going to rip you off. But I'm not real fond to subcontractors because my drywall guy stole all our appliances when we built the house. But

PJ: Did you ever get it back? Yeah, you did.

Pete: Yeah. And the guy got fired. You know, but it's just unfortunate society. But as a locksmith, we can create these systems. Yeah, life is suitable for both.

PJ: Yes. And I think more what's more important than just trying to sell the hardware per se, of course, try to sell them and a lot of times people just want to buy it from you and get it, you know, move on with it. So you can have a warranty, all that fun stuff. But more importantly, being able to provide a service that solves problems saves time and makes it less confusing than if they were just not to use you,

Pete: Right. And you know, when we deal with contractors, we're buying subdivisions. Yeah, we give them a good discount. Because anybody can buy high sell complex works, but service we offer. Yeah,

PJ: For sure. Good stuff that way. Thanks for coming on. Questions. You know, I

Pete: Answered your question, Chris.

PJ: Absolutely. Yeah, and I think yeah, I mean, I have to start seeing me a little more than when we go live.

Pete: Well, you know, I've always offered to come over and help me build fences, and occupied right now I'm going golf.

PJ: Oh, come on. Now. Come on. Now that was on this Saturday. No is on my every time your dad's

Pete: The older man, he can't do what he used to.

PJ: That's good. Here. Let's see. Good stuff. All right. So hey, let's go ahead and move on to this week's five winners. And one last time that if you have them, I'm moving that over for the people who have just joined in. One lucky winner is going to get this Silca swift plus machine. This has been sitting right here where the triteness app for the past year. And one lucky winner will get this, so it's had very little wear on the jaws there. I mean, about 2030-ish keys a big

Pete: Cup of drawers, Allah. No, I'm joking.

PJ: But yeah, so one lucky winner will get that get that, so we're going to announce this week's five winners, and of course, someone will be getting this in the mail.

Pete: Yeah, that's all that. Yep.

PJ: Now. Hey, I know many of you have gotten this campfire lock boss mug. Pretty cool. I love it. We only have a few more days left of this special. So if you want to spend 250 or more, get add one to your cart for free. How cool is that? Have you been drinking out of one?

Pete: Well, I don't drink coffee. So as soon as winter comes, I'll turn to cough chocolate.

PJ: My cocoa. That's it. Good stuff. Hey, everybody, I tell you what, I appreciate all of the kind words and comments and the different things you've been contributing. I appreciate it. And I'll let you know what. We have some excellent videos this week, like always. We have a video coming up on Thursday with a community member you'll like, and I tell you what, Friday, following Sunday's video is the one that we recorded last week. Oh, you know that going about? I tell you what, guys, you want to tune in for hat because Oh, well. It's special. Like how did they get us to do that? Honestly,

Pete: I guess people asked him if we did like

PJ: Do we want to be doing weird things on the internet?

Pete: I think it is. Yeah. I've done a few, so I don't know what

PJ: No is the one. Oh, yeah.

Pete: That's sawed me and my best.

PJ: Oh my gosh.

Pete: I mean, no, it was fun.

PJ: I mean, should we be doing stuff like that on the internet, though? Do you think so?

Pete: Hey, we're human. Everybody needs some fun now. Yeah. Good point, because sharing it with everybody who wouldn't do it.

PJ: Yep. There we go. Aren't everybody Hey, thanks for hanging out? We'll see you same place same time. Next Tuesday, four o'clock Pacific. I hope you all have a great week. And an even better Fourth of July on Monday. You guys have a great evening. Yep. See you all next time

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