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ALOA 2023 Locksmith Convention!

The ALOA 2023 Locksmith Convention in Orlando was a roaring success. Locksmith professionals from around the world gathered, shared, and learned – all in the name of keys and locks. Here's a detailed account of the event that unfolded over a few days.

Why was ALOA 2023 a Must-Attend?

  • Networking with Like-minded Professionals: It was the perfect platform to meet familiar faces and introduce yourself to new ones.
  • Learn and Talk Shop: The event provided an avenue to discuss what locksmiths love the most: locks and keys.
  • A Blend of Business and Fun: Apart from business, attendees took the opportunity to explore Orlando. Universal Studios was a popular choice, showing that locksmiths know how to have fun too!

Highlights from Day 1:

  • Lock Enthusiasts Everywhere: The excitement was palpable, with locksmiths discussing various aspects of the industry.
  • Diverse Profiles: People from all walks of the locksmith world – from graphic designers at CLK like Lily to sales and marketing professionals like Ian.
  • Weather and Entertainment: The Orlando weather was a popular topic, and the fun at Universal Studios became an unforgettable experience for many, like the adventurous scooter ride Ian reminisced about.

Insights from Day 2:

  • Engaging with the Lockboss Community: It wasn't just about business. It was also about building and reinforcing community bonds.
  • Locksmith Tools and Tech: New tools, especially for automotive locksmithing, garnered attention.
  • Rekeying and Traditional Techniques: Discussions were not just about modern tech; the rekeying of older key and knob styles fascinated many.
  • Giveaways: Pinning mats and key machines were among the exciting giveaways, making the event even more enticing.

Feedback from Attendees:

  • Phillip Davidson from Davidson lock and key and many others highlighted the valuable information they've garnered from YouTube channels dedicated to locksmithing.
  • Many attendees echoed the sentiment that the best part about these conventions is connecting with customers and fellow community members.

Final Takeaways:

The ALOA 2023 Locksmith Convention was not just about locks and keys. It was about community, learning, and growing together. With a mix of business and fun, the convention proved to be a platform where both novice and experienced locksmiths could thrive.


Stay tuned for more insights and updates from the locksmith world. If this year was any indication, ALOA 2024 promises to be even bigger and better!

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