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Locksmith Tools-High Security Keys

Locksmith Tools-High Security Keys

With each passing year, more vehicles are being equipped with high security locks. These high security locks often come equipped with transponder key technology as well. These are sometimes called “laser cut” or “sidewinder” keys and can provide very effective security solutions against unwanted entrance to the vehicle or starting of the vehicle. With the added theft deterrent features, high security locks add new challenges to the locksmith looking to duplicate or generate new keys to one of these vehicles. Aside from the challenge, there are several costs involved in having the locksmith toolsneeded to provide these services to the consumer. Making good choices when entering the high security key market can be the difference between a good investment and a loss.

High Security Duplicator

Key Blanks

High security key blanks can be purchased in several ways. They can be ordered as factory originals with the remote head or with a standard, plastic transponder head. They can also be found for sale as aftermarket keys for significant cost savings and offer the same benefits of the factory originals. If the vehicle is not equipped with atransponder chip , there are some high security keys that have a metal head rather than the bulkier plastic head. Many of these keys are also available as a U-Blade withinsertable, cloneable transponder chips. The U-Blade keys offer many benefits to traditional transponder keys since the key blades and the chips can be mixed and matched or replaced in the case of a miscut blade. The transponder chips can be ordered separately, offering new technology that allows them to work for multiple vehicles.

High Security Duplication

High security blades require a completely different style key duplication or code cutting machine than any other type of key. A good key cutting machine will allow years of service on high security blades and vastly open up the vehicle range that a technician can service or simply duplicate keys for.  There are several options available for high security key machines, offerings like the Bianchi 303. The Bianchi 303 duplicates high security laser and dimple type keys. Its robust construction and innovative design result in an extremely durable, precise and easy to use machine. The Jet High Security Key Duplicator also comes with some great benefits. Alongside the standard features of a high security duplicator, there are great features such as a jaw that is made specifically to clamp on to worn keys and exclusively through CLK Supplies, the set is sold with four free sets of space and depth keys! High security space and depth keys can be the most valuable tool purchased for your high security duplicator. These turn a duplicating machine into a code cutter, without the price of another key machine. By purchasing only the sets of high security space and depth keys you need, you can cut all of the keys you need by code without all of the added expense of a code cutting machine.

High Security Code Cutting

At the pinnacle of the high security key machine market are high security code cutting machines. These machines are able to generate keys from scratch by a simple code.  These machines also function wonderfully to duplicate or decode keys. An example of these machines is the Bianchi Laser 994. Featuring a touch screen console and stand alone cutting unit, these work together to provide all of the functions of a high security code machine. This unit does not require a separate computer and houses all of the codes and information internally. The key information is automatically converted to the original lock specifications when duplicating so every customer receives a brand new key.

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