Locksmith Tools-Keeping Organized

Locksmith Tools-Keeping Organized

Approaching a lock or security product without the correct tools can be frustrating, time consuming, or worse yet, profit draining. In a service driven industry where the quicker the work can be done, the more profitable a job can be, a locksmith tool that can more than double the speed of a job is invaluable. The cost of the tool is often paid for in only a single job. This can be especially true when a lack of organization is needed. A tool that improves efficiency with organization can be very useful. Few things aggravate a technician more than their tools being lost or misplaced.

Rekeying Tray

One of these popular locksmith tools to keep things organized is a pinning tray. Thepinning tray is offered to organize pins and springs while keying multiple locks. During large re-keying jobs, speed is drastically improved when the technician is able to organize the lock pins into separate piles for each chamber of the lock. This problem was alleviated when several manufacturers began to offer pinning trays. These trays allowed neat piles of pins and springs to be kept in order while keying, allowing for effortless lock pinning. Unfortunately, all of the offerings only allowed for a few pins to fit into each slot. This made for many refills during larger jobs. CLK Supplies has recently introduced their own pinning tray, which has deeper pin pockets to allow many more pins to be filled in each one. The expanded abilities of the CLK Supplies Pinning Trayhave proven to be the greatest way to make large jobs easier. Another added feature of this pinning tray is the additional chambers in each row, seven specifically for seven pinIC Core locks.

On top of the pinning tray, another great locksmith tool that aids in organization is theLAB Pin Work Mat. This is a great locksmith tool to use whether you are in the workshop or work truck. It has very user friendly features, with locksmiths in mind. The molded mat design has hundreds of raised grooves that hold the pins in place, rather than allowing springs, followers, cylinders, and pins to roll around the work area. Another added feature for smaller keying jobs is an area that is numbered and separated for pins to be organized during the rekey process. The LAB Pin Work Mat is a proven winner that many locksmiths won’t do without. It only takes a few spilled pins on the floor to realize the value of a quality work surface.

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