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Locksmith Tools-Key Stamps

Locksmith Tools-Key Stamps

Locksmith Tools-Key Stamps

Everyone uses keys, and for most people, they are used every day. Keys for offices, homes, vehicles, and so on accumulate quickly. Many of these keys may look the same and cause confusion for the user. Properly identifying keys can be a very quick way to keep from confusion. There are various ways to do this, and various product offerings available to identify or mark keys to keep them separated. A simple locksmith tool, such as a key stamp, is often the answer to many of these problems.

Key letter and number stamps make it possible to identify several characters on a key. Depending on the size of the key, the user can create an easy way to identify the key.Key stamps can vary in size, but are popularly found in the 1/16th, 1/8th, and 3/32ndsizes. The smaller sizes make it possible to add several characters extra to a key, and the visibility of the larger can benefit other users. The letter and number stamps are available in separate sets of either numbers or letters, but can also be purchased as a set.

Other popular stamps are those used for marking “Do Not Duplicate” or “Master”. These stamps work perfect for many businesses that offer key cutting. Customers are often looking to mark the keys with these two phrases. Being able to offer these marking on keys can often be a quick way to add profit to a key cutting job.

Custom Key Stamps

Another product offering for key stamps are custom key stamps. These are made to order and an extremely effective advertisement. After an order is placed, a proof of thecustom key stamp will be sent. These stamps can take four to six weeks to be delivered, but will last for many years.

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